NEW Fairphone 2 Slim Case - Coral Red

I accidentally ordered a Fairpnone 2 Slim Case for my Fairphone 3. Brand new.
Shipping from the Netherlands.

Why didn’t you send it back? That should be free within 14 days of you receiving it.


Oh, phew. Lucky you. That’s of no use for us anyway, we are Fairphone 2 users. :wink:

Maybe canceling the order by phone right after you have realized your mistake could have worked as well.
How much are you asking for it anyway?

I’m very interested in your slim case. I’m from France, I need a new one quickly and none is sold in France right now.
How much do you want for it? And could you maybe take a look at how much it would cost sending it to France?
I know I could get one from the Fairphone website, but the shipping cost is kind of a shame… Maybe someone like you would do better! :blush:
Anyway, I can’t wait to read you!

Hi I’m also interested in this FP2 case if it’s still available, thanks

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