New Fairphone 2 camera

I am running both of my fp2 with LineageOS. One with the new an one with the old camera set.
On both devices the native camera app and open camera need the same amount of time to start up.
It seems as if open camera starts a little slower but you need to see it side by side to notice it.

I will do a quick comparison of sd performance later this evening.


For lack of an app I have testet sd performance using an USB cable and a debian linux computer, copying an audio book (188 files, 535 MB) back an forth.
Both FP2 wrote this audio book to sd in 2 min 35 sec.
Both FP2 copied it back to the computer in roughly 25 sec.

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I just thought of a way to test one aspect of cam app speed: burst mode + stopwatch

Open a stopwatch on your screen; just googling stopwatch works:

Set the camera app to burst mode (OpenCam for example can continue until you stop), start the stopwatch, then start the burst

What this tells you is the time that passes between shots. Note, this doesn’t help with timing startup time, since that would have to be synchronised with starting the stopwatch and human limbs are not very precise for that.

But this way you can test the effects of different resolutions, and different JPG quality settings (the latter being an indication of the effect of writing to flash).

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Did anyone of you noticed, that only in panorama mode the Google camera app isn’t focusing anymore?
Before switching to the new camera module it worked well for me.
Beside this, camera is focusing very well!
Here is a thread of @ModularKing: Camera Panorama focus?

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I have asked for that at a Debitel shop in Luebeck/northern Germany. The answer: No Fairphones distributed here in north Germany and no spare parts. Possibly you can get it in the south of Germany at Debitel shops.

Well, the link in the article on mobiflip linked by @urs_lesse to the mobilcom-debitel shop:
shows an image of the old FP2 with regular case.
Status for the online-shop as well as for offline shops is: "Not available. If and when this phone will be available again is uncertain."
This makes me feel like the FP2 will not be available in mobilcom-debitel shops in Germany at all (right now).

I wonder if there is a test of the new camera module vs. the new iPhone camera? 12 MP camera modules… I think Fairphone could get a lot good Marketing, if they sell a camera module which can compete with the cameras of the other expensive manufacturers…

Fairphone is not aiming at that target, unfortunately. I e. other middle class and high class phones are able to export picture files in RAW format, the FP2 can’t.

Just before I start with replacing the modules
As I’m on Lineage now - will I have to flash Fairphone OS first to calibrate the sensor again and then flash back to Lineage?

The sensor can create “raw” files, is it possible to rewrite the driver so that the camera can support the raw format?

I am only a humble user, I don’t know. But @Douwe may give us a reliable answer what we can hope for?.

There is no capacity in the SOC to process RAW images. So even if the camera could create such files, the SOC wouldn’t be able to deal with them.


That is a little disappointing…

For the future I’d suggest to consider designing a phone with a SOC which can be equipped with different kinds of cameras.

E.g. here is an add-on for the iPhone for doctors:

And here is a phone with build-in thermal imager:

I know there are some add-ons for sale with thermal imagers (plugged to the usb port), but the quality is not that good (to say the least)…

It might be interesting for some companies if they can create add-ons for the Fairphone and don’t have to design a whole phone? So designing a phone with well-documented ports might be something to consider…?

While I think it would be impossible to make sure the phone could be equipped with just any camera, you can always add it to the list: ✏ FP 2/3/... Modules & Wishlist


Thanks! I had not realized that there is a wish-list!

This sounds a bit over-simplified - either that, or I’m missing a point:

I’ve been editing and converting RAWs from a 16MP DSLR on an old Tablet (don’t know the SOC anymore but it was an ARM with 2x1GHz and 1GB RAM) successfully. Yes: It’s rather slow and cumbersome compared to a proper PC, but it works quite well.

Just shooting in RAW and converting/editing it afterwards on a PC would be great. The RAW-preview pic should be enough to preview it on the mobile.


I just received my new camera module, woohoo! :slight_smile: apart from some possible slight noise on the back camera I am happy with it. This is going to add to the longevity of my almost 2 year old smartphone.

On the back camera, I cannot remove one of the three screws. It seems to be in a loop (I don’t know the English term for it), even though I never touched it before. So I am now only using 2 screws. I live near Amsterdam so I was wondering if I could come pick up one new screw and recycle my 2 old camera modules? Or is it possible to buy the very same screw at say Karwei or something?

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How come the old and new modules have the same product name? How can you tell them apart?

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The flash looks differently, the old one clearly has only a single LED.


@Fuchur777 has some photos here.