New Fairphone 2 camera

I have quickly installed @snevas’ testbuild on my second fp2 that has the old set of cameras. After a short check I dare to say that they do work as before.

So the latest testbuild of LineageOS seems to equally support both camera sets!


Thanks mal, take the time you need - I really appreciate your work for this community


Got some online comparison shots? :slight_smile:

So I just wasted a few euros on express delivery: the new module arrived yesterday, but I accidentally sent it to my mom (which I still use as my billing address for my Dutch bank account in the Netherlands - I’m Dutch but currently don’t have an address there), and not to Stockholm (where I work and live currently) :disappointed_relieved:. Oh well, I’ll have some more time to set up a decent test scene, haha

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Just tested with the latest LineageOS code (Github) and it works like a charm - including the old cameras!


Same here!

Thanks @snevas !


Credits go to @z3ntu and @chrmhoffmann . I just clicked the build-button!


Does the autofocus work for you on the selfie camera?

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Clicking around in the camera app only changes exposure for the front camera. But does the hardware even support focus or is it just fixed?

Ok, I just googled it, usually the frontcamera has no autofocus. I was just wondering because I don’t get a sharp image out of the frontcamera. Maybe I’m holding it wrong… :grimacing:

I have that selfie focus problem with the current module too though, especially in Skype. Is that a common issue?

More comparison pics, please! Is it possible for someone to take a pic of the same subject with the old and new camera?

Also, are there any other noticeable benefits? I’d love a phone camera that doesn’t take so long to focus and take the photo - compared to iPhones many Android phones seem to suffer from a long lag.


Taking a photo feels extremely fast in LineageOS, I haven’t used “normal” Android for a longer time but I remember it taking for ages on FP Open. Can’t say anything about focusing though.


So first of all thanks for all your efforts… :smile:

Your pictures do not look like this when taken with the frontcamera?

Than probably somethings wrong with my new module… :disappointed_relieved:

Is this an original picture or is it postprocessed in some kind? I’m just asking because there’s no exif data (like in Paule’s pic).

It looks heavily pixelated despite the decent numerical resolution. Maybe too heavy compression applies?

This one is taken with my front camera. Not the sharpest of pictures, but I also have to admit that I’ve never really used the old one so I don’t have the comparison.

Subjectively the quality looks better when pointed at a face. Definitely enough for a video chat or the occasional selfie by my standards. And (also subjectively) less noise than on the old sensor.

Btw, don’t forget to switch to 12MP in your camera app. Mine was still at 8MP after the change.


It’s original. Probably just different camera apps.

Thanks for the picture. Looks similar to what I get.

Yes, thanks for the hint. Already found out to switch to 12MP…

The aliasing on the ear of the shadow on that mug make me think it’s a scaled up picture taken at a much lower resolution; maybe an automatic fallback? I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s as low as 640x480

Today I switched once more the camera app (Open Camera) and did some pictures in daylight: and voila, the problem is gone. Seems that this compression is only been done by the default camera app in Lineage.

I know this is contradictionary to what I said a few posts before, but I did my first comparison of camera apps in bad ligthning conditions.