New Fairphone 2 camera

The sensor has two types of output format:

10/12-bit RAW, DPCM 10-8 compression

Are new FP2s shipped to the customers already equipped with the new module?

Thanks! Where did you find that information? But that’s the sensor, there’s more to a camera module than that, right?

I’m not familiar enough with the Android system to know if this means if third part apps could access these modes, or if there is some driver between the hardware and the Camera2 API that could force JPG output. This quick google result seems to suggest that RAW data access should be possible, is that correct?

Hey Ben, you’re right, the forum compressed them, but more importantly resized them!

While this doesn’t affect the conclusions about white balance and channel clipping, the noise-question becomes trickier to answer (I edited my reply to avoid people being misled later). So I would like to have a look at the originals, yes :slight_smile:

So you mean this is due to the version of Android ? But so strange that just a few people are experiencing my issue ? Or just no one cares about having this instant pictures ?

Anyways thanks for the advice.

Answer: "It depends …"
Look here (posting no. 8):

or above posting no. 39 by @Lidwien:

I’m silently hoping that the headphone jack produces less noise on the new top module. That would actually be my first reason to buy a new module as opposed to the camera quality.

Can anyone with a new top module test or compare the noise of the headphone jack?

Having my new modules build in for 10 minutes, I just tested the headphone jack. It sounds good. But I wasn’t unhappy with the old one either…


New FP2 camera and new FP2 top module arrived in Germany. Assembly and disassembly of old new modules went smooth, FP2 powerup detect new modules and showed a bluish notification on Android 6. Took a normal picture with the new module but I am not a photography expert, dont axe me any fancy questions ;). Thanks go to the FP2 team and everybody involved. Cheers.


Remember to change the resolution of the camera for best quality. I my case, it did not change automatically.


I’ve just installed the new FP2 camera and it works quite well. But I’m unfortunately unable to do any compareable shots as there’s no way to fix the shutter speed and there seems to be a bug in exposure lock on open camera.

But from what I’ve observed so far:
) The view angle seems a bit wider now. Anybody knows what’s the (equivalent) focal lenght of the old and new camera?
) The Hi-ISO capability has increased massively. The level of detail on ISO3200 can compete with the LOD at base ISO on the old camera module. However noise is much worse on that setting of course. Maybe it’s just a less agressive noise reduction (which is great IMO) which again makes it almost impossible to compare.
) Subjectively I’d say that Hi-ISO noise is now better for about 2 stops.
) Dynamic range hasn’t increased as much as I hoped but I can hardly tell without being able to lock the exposure settings. However it is definitely better than before. Maybe half a stop or one and a half?
) White balance seems to be a bit more yellowish now at the same settings.
) Starting the open camera app is slow as hell. With the old module it already was a few seconds. Now it’s about 2-6 sec. (it varys strongly) until I can take a picture. Thats super annoying.

Here are a few full-res test shots (with full EXIF info) I made - four ISO settings from each module, ISO 100/400/1600/3200:

Old module:

New module:

As you can see I wasn’t able to lock the exposure on manual ISO with the new camera. Usually I do this by tapping on a spot on the screen that I want to have exposed right (in this case the little plant on the speaker) before releasing the shutter. Now it seems there’s no compensation in shutter speed for the manually set ISO anymore. Looks like a bug to me.

OS is FPOOS with open camera 1.38.2.


Hi Fairphone team, I just tried to order the camera but says “coming soon”. Presumably it has sold out? When will there be new stock available please? My daughter has a Fairphone and I want to buy one for her birthday, which is soon. Once we get her feedback myself and my son will probably upgrade our Fairphone cameras too! Or, is it available in the UK from the Phone Coop? I know they sell the phones but dont know if they do the parts as well. Thank you for your help.

Yes! If you buy the fairphone now, you get the new camera :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nice post, and good pictures. Do you know if panorama pictures is a possibility, what software to use. Would love to see a sample of one! :slight_smile:

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Hello @BenPlumpton this is a community forum. Your best chance to get an answer for your questions and also help to have it delivered in time would be to call Fairphone Monday to Friday 9:30 - 17:30 at +31 (0)20-788 4400.

Yes you are right. I just installed LineageOS and the camera does instant pictures. Something was wrong with Android 6 open OS.


Open Camera starts rather slow, but its always less then two seconds. Could be a setting or a slow SD card?

1 Like reports that German provider mobilcom-debitel will not only continue to carry the Fairphone 2, but will also offer the new modules in selected shops (no specification yet). No word if modules will be available for everyone walking in or just FP2 mobilcom-debitel customers. :de: Article in German.

Found by @jayy


SOO glad I just saw this post… I thought I would check and my camera settings were still set to the old resolution - I had been wondering why I hadn’t seen the improvement I had been expecting!!

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I wasn’t able to find a different setting except for the resolution. I have no different SD-card either. So the only thing that has changed is the camera.

And yes: it definitely was more than a second before I changed the camera. Chances are that this really is related to my SD card. It’s a relatively fast one, but has 128GB which has potential to slow things down.

Plus: turning on the flashlight from the android swipe-down menu also takes longer now. But it’s below 1sec, so I don’t care all too much.

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