New Fairphone 2 camera

btw: when I open the spare part page ( or as well) I find no button to add it to my shopping cart. Any idea?

Availability of both modules has been going back and forth today. I hope Fairphone can stabilize this after the weekend. :slight_smile:

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EDIT2: Ok, sorry, I’m turning into an evangelist in this post and I didn’t mean to. Whatever way you prefer to shoot pictures is perfectly fine! I just wanted to share the apps I’m enthusiastic about as a photographer and explain why I love them :slight_smile:

@MartinR: Not knocking on SnapChat, but give OpenCam a try! The picture quality might be even better for you, and if not you can always stick to SC :wink:

My reason for avoiding SC is that it seems to drain battery much faster when using it (my phone heats up when I use it for prolonged periods, unlike regular camera apps), so I avoid it for that specific reason. But other than noticing the increased temperature I haven’t tested it so I can’t say for certain if this impression is true or not.

EDIT: Also, I’m a heavy photoshop user and have the same attitude for editing more “serious” pictures (my bachelor’s degree in arts is about photography), but for simple tweaks Snapseed blows it out of the water in ease of use and speed, and even for some complicated tasks. The “selective” tool for locally pushing/pulling regions can perform magic on a picture and is much easier than doing the same thing in photoshop.


The new modules arrived 30 minutes ago.
HW Installation went quick and easy.

But I cannot get them to work. Probably because my FP2 runs LineageOS - latest OTA from @snevas ?

Lineage camera app:

Open Camera:

I have flashed the latest modem files.

What I’ve tried so far:

  • restart phone
  • clear app cache and data from within android app options
  • clear dalvik / art cache and cache from within twrp
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Follow-up from Douwe:

Hey Job, I mean the one in the phone. Best, Douwe

I hope that means the API still allows for third-party apps to try to access the raw data…

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Nope, not yet:

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Indeed this does not work. A new build is underway, so in a few hours you can test. I will test for sure.


I will gladly join the test team :slight_smile::+1:


Building is on it’s way. When it’s finished it can be downloaded as @ When Douwe and some others (old and new hardware) give it a GO I’ll push it over OTA.


I don’t believe that any other mobile phone company has such a great, ingenious, cabable and helpful community as we do, never.


Does anyone know if newly produced FP2 phones will come with the upgraded camera, or will that always remain an aftermarket part?

Upgraded FP2 proces! Will add some compair pictures soon!


All with new camera I have been told.


See this quote from Douwe


Did anyone already test the new modules on the Sailfish port?

I am a little bit in a hurry, so here in short.
The new testbuild by @snevas solves the problem that in Lineage the new fp2 cameras are not recognized. Both are working now.
Great work!

After looking at some quick shots I think these new cameras are both definitely worth it.


New module will not work on Sailfish OS port yet, I need to finish moving to latest Android 6 base before that. Issues left are broken video recording and the old proximity sensor battery drain issue. Also there are some issues with Sailfish configuration that need to be solved before getting complete support for the new camera module. Currently Sailfish has predefined resolution for the camera so supporting two different cameras with different resolutions is a bit problematic.


I have quickly installed @snevas’ testbuild on my second fp2 that has the old set of cameras. After a short check I dare to say that they do work as before.

So the latest testbuild of LineageOS seems to equally support both camera sets!


Thanks mal, take the time you need - I really appreciate your work for this community


Got some online comparison shots? :slight_smile:

So I just wasted a few euros on express delivery: the new module arrived yesterday, but I accidentally sent it to my mom (which I still use as my billing address for my Dutch bank account in the Netherlands - I’m Dutch but currently don’t have an address there), and not to Stockholm (where I work and live currently) :disappointed_relieved:. Oh well, I’ll have some more time to set up a decent test scene, haha

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