New Fairphone 2 Bottom Module with an appropriate case

Not being much of an expense. I do agree and also would prefer to have this tiny bit of more safety which otherwise could ruin an entire circuit and device at last. I like those self-resetting fuses but did not know they were also available in a chip form. Up to now I only knew about such types.image
…but, erm, well - now I see the same manufacturer…must have forgotten about that.

That’s the tiny little bit of “extra” I very often miss on several goods, let it be a fuse or another screw just to get the unit a bit longer lasting.
Very nice that littlefuse also sell small quantities to guest customers. That’s not very common in the semi-conductor branch.


This is an amazing project, and I would definitely be interested in picking one of these up once the new model is finished!

Finding a case for FP2 has always been a struggle, the Shapeways bumper case does not properly fit for me and it has broken in several corners. Looking forward to the USB C upgrade and a proper, robust case whenever it is available.

Thank you so much again Leo! You are absolutely amazing. You are a new hope for FP2 even as FP3 looms around the corner. I will be keeping my FP2, no desire to buy 3.


@Leo_TheCrafter , I just saw it. How did you do it? Did you get support from the FP company (like mechanical information) or did you use a micrometer?
The PCB shape is obviously different for the FP3, but this is no issue. I can easily send the PCB to eurocircuits, and mount the components in our lab.
Although on the FP3 bottom module there are other components (vibrator, mike). This would require some info from the FP company, or careful desolder-resolder.


I have done everything myself, including the reverse engineering. I have ordered the PCBs from china for a good price. I think I know eurocircuits and I think they are a bit expensive, though probably better quality, even though I never had any issues


I’ll take the eurocircuit costs, no problem! We’re use to work with them.

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So, these posts are old. Is your solution any help to all of those, who are in need of a bottom module, now that FP has stopped selling it?

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Well, I haven’t worked on it for quite some time, but now that fairphone has stopped selling them, I start to pick it back up.


@Leo_TheCrafter: Great thing! Do you have PCBs left? Together with a part-list, I could do the rest by myself.


Maybe some, but I’ll have to check

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I just found a bag of 6 assembled PCBs. I am not sure if they work, but judging by the hadwritten notes on it, I’ll have to resolder C1 to 1µF, fairly simple and I have to test them afterwards. I am not sure if them work at all but at first glance they look like the newer revision of the PCB, black soldermask, gold plated and all. I still have to print some housings, but at least I might have some modules for now, ordering new PCBs takes some time.


Hi Leo, I saw your message. Do you know by now if it works? Mt FP went down slowly- microphone stopped/ no vibration (doesn’t matter), but also the usb microconnector seems to be a bit loose- , and only recently I found that the cause probably is the bottom module. Thank you for responding!


I am currently printing the housings for the modules, I need the housings to test them, but I am pretty confident that they work, so I will print and assemble the modules and then test them and repair as neccessary.
You are right with the asssumption that it is the bottom module, all of these failures are quite typical.


Everyone here, just a reminder that Leo’s USB-C bottom module does not align with the charging port cut-out in the slim case. I’m not meaning to badmouth Leo’s work, it is fantastic – I just want to remind everyone that you will either need a customized printed slim case (the back cover part) or need to find a way to adapt your own slim case back cover.


I want to add, that while I haven’t released the files yet (I think), I am willing to give them to anyone who asks, that way they can print the case themselves. I am not trying to make a lot of monney with it, 20€ might seem a lot, but it’s a 12h+ print with a very fine nozzle that sometimes gets clogged and is beyond repair, I need to service the printer, the material is the cheapest thing on the list. I am glad when someone can print their own case, it saves me a lot of time and the customer a lot of money.


Hi , thank you for the quick response. I only called FP last Friday for the first time; I had forgotten to mention the 1st speaker. Going through their script - which I didn’t do all , I got to these conclusions, Until now it still works. But the loading of the battery is sometimes annoying, specially if there’s some pressure , and it refuses.
Do you have some idea on what time you’ll be ready? (As within 10 days I’m off for 2 weeks…) Thanks a lot…!

Do you live in the EU, or even germany. I might have the modules in a few days, but shipping outside of the EU can take a while

I live in Maastricht, The Netherlands

That’s fine, EU shipping is usually quite quick, I will do my best to have the modules ready as soon as possible


wow thanks a lot! Tell me then how much I owe you