New category and updated beta section (Jan. 2017)

Hey dear forum members.

From today on we’ve got a new category: #software:alternative-oss. @M_Dammer made a request and now it is life!
As more and more people like to try alternative OS’s like Sailfish and now Ubuntu is getting more mature, it seemed a good idea to give discussing these alternatives a place of their own.

Another big change is that we opened the FP1 beta section. This is now read-only for the entire world. If you want to post in this category, you’ll have to apply to join the beta testers group.

With this measure we hope to give everybody a clearer insight about what is happening with FP1 and what progress is being made.

Looking forward to hear if you like these changes and never hold back with suggesting other ways to improve this community forum!


Thanks @Douwe ! I think that are great additions for the forum! :slight_smile:
Furthermore I want to deposit the wish to also have a read-only section for FP2 (general development and/or Marshmallow specific). At least I would be very interested to read that. Or does anything speak against following the same route for FP2 as you just did with FP1?


Hey @rainer_zufall, thank you!
And yeah, that question was to be expected. :slight_smile:
Sadly we can’t open the FP2 beta section yet, as we’re not allowed to publicly publish beta version of the Fairphone OS 5.1 images. These need to be approved by Google first.

We know that there are technical workarounds for this issue, but we currently do not have the manpower to implement those.

Hopefully one day soon!


Thanks for this answer! In that case I have to get more tech savvy and then apply for being a beta tester myself! :wink:

Hi ! This is nice that the new section “Alternative OS” was created :slight_smile:
At the moment only SailfishOS and UbuntuTouch were moved there, perhaps you can also move the B2G topic? Even if the porting was halted, a working image is available (Juan blob-free)…

Is this section intended for only working OSes, or could the “Work-in-progress” OS find their place there as well ? I’m thinking of CyanogenMod/LineageOS or the others projects mentioned in the following post:


Well topics about developing/porting should stay in #software:dev, but if there is a working image then one can start a new topic in #software:alternative-oses about using the OS.
Currently only Sailfish has two separate topics. I was also reluctant to move the Ubuntu Topic that @Douwe moved. I believe a new topic starting with the download/install instructions would be better.

I’ll probably change the operating systems wiki so it will link to both topics once some OSs have 2.


I updated my profile pic to reflect all (visible) categories & sub-categories.


Haha, I didn’t notice before that the colors on your avatar reflected that :wink:
Is there many invisible categories?


Just “FP2 Beta” (same color as FP1 beta) and “Staff”. :sunglasses:
At least those are all that I know of…

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I’m sure there is some secret category where only employees are allowed… :joy:


Not to forget the hidden world domination category! :sunglasses:


Oh, there are several of those. Some so secret and hidden that I am the only one in them. :smiling_imp:


Must be lonely there… :relieved:


Well, lonely and dangerous, as we know. So hopefully @Douwe knows this one:
Sorry to get OT, but I couldn’t resist (one of my first Internet experiences in the mid-nineties).


Question for everybody:

It’s pretty clear that topics about porting an alternative OS go into #software:dev and that topics about using a ported OS go into #software:alternative-oses, but:

###Where shall we put topics that discuss an alternative OS that nobody is working on porting (yet) - that may even never be ported?

  • Software
  • AlternativeOSes
  • Developing

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Please discuss.


For me an alternative OS should be in #software:dev until it’s ready to be ported.
Only alternative oses that you really can use, should be in #software:alternative-oses.


It took me a couple trials and error, but I managed to install it and write a simple tutorial :slight_smile:


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