New Battery or not?

Hi Fairphone Community.

I’m an early user of the FP2. I’ve been using it since Jan 2016. I’ve experienced much early bugs, the frequent updates and I would like to share my opinion about the FP2, on one point in particular.

Now, thanks to the many updates (and a new top module few months ago, a new bottom module few weeks ago), I don’t have to deal with any particular problem, except for the battery. I’ve been communicated with the FP team about some bugs, I know that the battery is a real issue on the FP. But I have to say that it is quite inconvenient not to be able to use the phone during one day without having to find power (I’ve never experienced such a thing with my previous phones).

I’ve ran much tests recently, using the AccuBattery app on my FP (that have been reseted first). I’ve noticed much things during these tests, in particular :

  • my FP lasts 3H in continuus video on YouTube (Wifi ON)
  • it consumes 3%/h of the battery when screen is OFF (Wifi and data ON) (which I think is pretty good)
  • it consumes 20-25%/h of the battery when the screen is ON (Wifi and data ON) (which I think is awful :-))
  • the battery capacity seems to have dropped to 1600-1700mAh (after one year and a half)

I would like to ask to the community if everybody has noticed such a drop of the battery capacity? Since the beginning of the FP2 experience, I think that the battery has not been correctly chosen and that’s very disappointing. And I don’t understand why the first hardware update has not been about the battery… :expressionless:
Now I ask myself if I should change the battery, or if I should wait for an hypothetic battery update?

Have a nice day everyone!


My humble guess is that the next hardware upgrade will be the bottom module, because that’s the weakest point together with the (old) display and after the old cover.
Also most charging issues (which are more common than capacity issues) are related to the bottom module and not the battery.

So I don’t think there is a high priority on upgrading the battery atm. On the other hand i could immagine that upgrading the battery is easier and faster done than upgrading any other module, so an upgrade may come without a big announcement.

That said I’d simply ask FP directly if there are any plans for upgrading the battery in the near future.

Oh and for sake of completeness: My battery life is still great.

BetterBatteryStats gives my between 1% and 2% per hour, now on Lineage, but also on FP Open. Some people would argue that this is much already…

Well, this would give you up to 4h SOT… I normally only have around 3h

But indeed, my phone is also this age, and I guess the battery did suffer…

Actually, I doubt that a battery upgrade is easy to achieve - however I would love to be proven wrong.
Since the available space is given and there were no essential achievements regarding higher capacity per volume (at least afaik), the only way would be to reduce thickness of isolation layers, casing etc. - i.e. reducing security reserves.
A very well-known smartphone manufacturer lately demonstrated where this can lead.

I never really measured the current capacity of my battery, but after 1.5 years it’s usually lasting over the day, which is (almost) as long as in the beginning. This would mean that in my case the efficiency gains from Android 6 pretty much exactly compensate the battery’s capacity loss.


Battery life and drain can differ a lot depending on usage.
Outdoors I mainly use mobile data (often) and maps (now and then). With this I have no problem getting through the day. Two days without charging would be a problem.

I can imagine there are usage profiles that really drain the battery though, a while ago keeping the camera activated all the time (unintentionally) in Fairphone Open OS just ate away my battery all the time, I’m more careful now, and I didn’t check that behaviour now with LineageOS.

The battery will not get better anytime soon it seems, so if it would be me, I would get me a power bank.

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How great?
I just got the FP2 and the battery lasts half a day…
I don’t know if I’m the only one facing such a drama but I feel my goal in life is to find power at every corner.

There are apps that uses a lot energy by making contact with internet al the time.


Well, maybe, but I disable apps when I don’t need it since I noticed this issue, wifi when I am in the transportation and data as well. So why such a drop?
I am wondering if the issue mentionned in the forum regarding hot CPU and extremely quick battery shortage that I am also facing is covered by the warranty or not.
Because changing the battery would not make any difference and fix the cause of the problem.

Perhaps looking at the battery stats gives you any clue. Go to the app Settings and tap on ‘Battery’.

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I am also frustrated with the battery performance.

One app that I have found helpful is Greenify; but even with that app shutting down other background apps, and with the screen on low brightness, I need to carry a small power pack to charge the FP on busy days.

Maybe the root cause is one of the apps that I have installed; maybe the problem is not Fairphone at all. I wish I could figure out how to get to the bottom of it.

Since about 4 /6 weeks suddenly the battery doesn’t lasts a day. In the afternoon it’s 20% and before you know it ist 0%. Before , I only charged at night, I checked the apps and it is only the screen that consumes everything, 60 70%, and of course I dim the screen etc I was so glad with android 6 for the battery use, but now its worse then it was with 5.1 . Can the battery suddenly ‘collapse’ ? I have one of the first FP2’s Or can one of the latest updates cause this problem?

Please try to kickstart your battery as explained in the #batteryguide.

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Just as a cross-reference to some numbers about the FP2 battery…
Since nearly 2 years - and I am still dissapointed about too short battery life time of FP2 - and from official FP side I did not read anything that they are working at this topic…or did I missed something?

Lidwien, thank you that seems to have solved the problem


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