New "Apps Orange" in the latest Fairphone update

What is “Apps Orange”, the new system app installed with the latest Fairphone update?
Anything to do with the Fairphone-Orange partnership or not a all?


If you’re with Orange yourself, I guess that would qualify as a “special operator App” …


I am not :slight_smile:

Pretty sure that’s part of the Orange / Fairphone partnership. I don’t see a Orange app on my Fairphone. Maybe yours is “misidentified” as running on or sold through Orange?

Edit: Correction, its on my phone too.


One reason I chose fairphone was the absence of operator apps.
I’m unhappy with having an unwanted app from my intrusive operator embedded in my phone…

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This here implies you have to confirm before the App gets installed…


No, it is on my FP2 too - without asking anything before it was installed - but the App is not activated. I could activate it but I can’t delete it :angry:.

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OK, I need to correct myself. It’s on my Fairphone as well. It’s only 5MB, deactivated and has no permissions, so it’s no deal breaker.

This could be a bug, since I never used an Orange SIM in my phone, they don’t even offer their service here in Germany.

If I imagine there will be other cooperations… I don’t want to end up with a Orange, 1&1, Phone Coop, Telekom and Vodafone App on my phone ;-).

@rick @Douwe Can you tell us something about tha


You can have such Apps in a limited fashion anyway via SIM application toolkit.
Those Apps have limited functionality because of the very limited storage space on SIM cards (currently).

If you for instance have a Telekom SIM card in Germany, you most likely have such an App named “SIM-Toolkit” or “Special”, which offers some SMS based (I guess, I didn’t try) news and search services as well as querying account info and redoing the initial SMS, MMS and internet configurations (which really might be handy, that’s why I didn’t try to uninstall it).

Admittedly, full-blown automatically installed carrier Apps are something else and from my point of view so unwanted I wonder why Fairphone would even bother with this. Could be money :slight_smile:

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Thanks for explaining, this is not what I meant anyways, I was imagining further cooperation and all of these apps preinstalled ;-).

Hi -

we wrote an article to shed some light on this :slight_smile:


Product Team


Ok, so it is in fact the suspected provider-app.
Though we all hope for Fairphone to get the phone in the shops of all European Providers, at least I would not want one app for all of them filling the storage of my phone. I guess it’s part of a contract with Orange and so far it’s of no concern to me.

For the future: maybe there is a way to at least just offer apps for the providers identifiable by the SIM cards?


Will there be more apps like this one in future updates? Like… for other providers?
Is the orange-app open source?
Is the orange-app also included in the FP-OOS resp. are there any plans to include it in the future?


The app is stored in the system partition so it is not wasting any (usable) storage.

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True, but the more system-apps there are, the larger the system partition has to be, or does it have a fixed size? In that case maybe, but still that space could be put to better use. :wink:

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So I like the Lineage Os the more!

It does. The system partition is 2 GB in size, only about half of that is currently being used. And you can’t do anything useful with the free space.


For the curious ones… Exodus Privacy’s report for Orange et moi

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