Neues FP3 grüne Punkte bei scrollen | New FP3 green dots when scrolling

Hey allerseits,
ich habe bei einem neuen FP3 das Problem, dass beim Scrollen im Hintergrund grüne Punkte flackern.
Diese treten in der Regel lediglich beim Scrollen auf, auch durch verschiedene Apps (Instagram z.B).

Kennt jemand dieses Problem oder weiß sogar Abhilfe? Danke im Voraus !

Hey, everybody,
i have the problem with a new FP3 that green dots flicker when scrolling in the background.
These dots usually only appear when scrolling, also by different apps (Instagram e.g.).

Does anyone know about this problem or even know a remedy? Thanks in advance !

If you take a screenshot (long press power button > Screenshot), do the dots appear on the screenshot?

If they do appear, it means it’s a software thing and we’ll troubleshoot that. If they do not appear, it means it’s probably a hardware thing and I’d advise removing and reattaching the screen module.


There are no dots on the screenshot.
Then I will try to remove the display.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I will report immediately afterwards if the problem persists.

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If you have any isopropyl alcohol to hand, cleaning the brass contacts when the phone is disassembled is also a good idea!

It didn’t help, the points are still there.

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You say it’s with a new FP3 - were the dots there when you first turned on the phone?

They weren’t there during the startup process.
They only appear when the phone is powered up.

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I was wondering if the dots appeared the first time you booted the phone - whether it’s a problem that wasn’t there at first and then appeared, or if it was there from the start.

But either way, in this case I’d contact Fairphone for a repair or replacement. Sounds like it may be a factory fault - something wrong with the screen perhaps. And you’re well within warranty so it won’t cost you a penny.