Network time synchronization not working


Quite often the time on my Fairphone 3 will go out of sync. Right now it will happen maybe one time a week. Time will be off by around 1 minute. This is quite annoying, especially when you need to generate TOTP code in 2FA applications (like Google Authenticator) (which I have to do, a lot).

I have Automatic date & time (Use network-provided time) enabled. When the time goes out of sync, I need to reboot the device to get it back to the right time again. Just switching the setting off and on again does not do the trick.

I’m on the Tele 2 network in the Netherlands.

Hi there

I am experiencing the same issue with my FP3.
Just realized my time is off 5 minutes. Must be out of snc for quite a while. In the system settings date time sync is enabled, though.

I am using android 11, did install all the updates.

Any ideas?