Network time not updating

For the last couple of days, my Fairphone 3+ has not been taking the correct time from the network… I’ve tried restarting, both with ‘use network-provided time’ toggled on and off, and it does take the correct time then after the restart, but when I check again a short time later, it has ‘regressed’ to a time even before the last restart. And the time is random, it’s not just the hours (not a timezone issue so), but the minutes too. It could be 17:40 here and my phone shows it to be 14:51.
Other people around me on the same network don’t have this issue. I installed the latest Android update, but the issue persists.
I have set the time manually for now, but I find this a very curious issue, and ideally, I’d like to take the time from the network.
Anyone else have this issue or any ideas what’s going on?

Issue seems to have resolved itself without further attention from me. Fluke?


I suddenly couldn’t use 2FA OTP anymore, turns out not my obscure Linux computer but the Fairphone was using the wrong time. You can check if your phone is in sync by going to Going into the Time preferences and disabling/enabling network time didn’t fix the issue. After rebooting the time was thankfully correct again.

Note: I just upgraded to the new Fairphones Android 11 release with the build number 8901.4.A0010 few days prior - and this was the first reboot after the upgrade.


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