Network of local Fairphoners for technical support: What should someone expect?

Hey everybody, me again! :blush:

The Local Fairphoners Address Book has been a bit limited in my opinion. Up until now it is intended to collect people, who want to build local communities. I’d like to expand the foundation of the address book by “Fairphoners, who can give technical support”. This way more Fairphoners would be animated to locally offer their help and be contacted by others. (Ultimately I’d like to further populate the Fairphone Community Map*.)

Now to my question: Which requirements should a “Fairphoner, who can give technical support”, meet?

The idea is to find a set of minimum requirements so that help seeking Fairphone users can expect to receive a solution to the most frequently asked questions from those local “support volunteers”.

I’m looking forward to your opinions! :slight_smile:

Edit: PS: I think that this will eventually build more local Fairphoner groups.

*Note that the Fairphone Community Map is a work in progress. The Status of the Project-section in the README is what @Roboe and I had in mind when we worked on the map in September. Since then @anon33192704, who was our contact person at Fairphone, has left the company and at the moment I am not sure if the definition is still accurate. (At the beginning these “Fairphoners, who can give technical support” were called Fairphone Angels.)


Two vague thoughts.

  1. The first requirement is, of course, the willingness of the person to serve as a local Fairphone helper – it might sound stupid because it’s so obvious, but given my other thought it is becoming important, I think.

  2. It seems to me that individually vetting people is not just difficult, it could also create bad blood at times. Suggestion: Use the badges here as a reference point (this would need further specification, of course). This explains why I stressed point 1 – if we use the badges as a point of reference, we need to avoid that people become “elevated” to Fairphone helpers against their will.


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