Network modules

I would prefer to have the ability to change the 5G network module on the phones.
I own several that are superior to the one that is included.

The 5G modem is included in the SoC, therefore it is nearly impossible to make it modular.


For this price range I see it as a design flaw and a deal breaker.
I feel fortunate to not have bought one because I would have been very disappointed.

Can you show me any mobile phone with changeable SoC or modem?


No, that’s why I am complaining. When they say modular I expect modular.

So then I guess you need to work on your expectations…

Because there is a lot in-between glued (cant be opned) and completely modular and everything in between is not not modular.


Well considering we are on version 4 I think I will wait until a future version matches my expectations.

I’m sorry to say, but that might never happen if your expectation is to change core chipset hardware functionality. Modularity has its limits, too…


A fully modular phone would have the outline of a laptop computer ;).


I am genuinely interested to hear what you meant when you say the ability to change the 5G network module. Putting aside chipsets such as Qualcomm, Broadcom, MediaTek, HiSilicon etc, did you mean physically change the chip or virtually change in software?

Framework laptop with a SIM card dongle.
But compare this with how the first mobile phone looked … we might get there eventually.

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You’ll be waiting forever. The trend is to integrate more into the SoC, not take things out. The time to buy a 5G phone with non-integrated 5G was several years ago, when it was using separate 5G hardware because the SoC vendors hadn’t come out with integrated SoCs for 5G yet. These were generally considered terrible, because they weren’t integrated: the lack of integration meant they were bulky and power hogs and ran hot as hell.

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