"Network error. Check your network..." Google app stucks on the screen

Dear Fairphone fans, after finally receiving my desired FP2 I have been struggling to get along with it. Still under two weeks and trying to decide whether to keep it…
So many weird things, for example: when I by accident open Google App (I open very often apps which I don’t mean to open) and I don’t have a connection in this moment, I have a message “Network error. Check your network connections and try again.” on my screen.
Problem nr 1: Does it have to be Google App when I swipe up from below?
Problem nr 2: How to dismiss the message about network error? It stays for approx. 1 min on the screen. Nothing helps to remove it.
Problem nr 3: Trying to get “home” (the circle) or to all open apps (little square) doesn’t help. I can press 10 times and nothing happens. After some time it finally works. Does the device hang after only a couple of days? Is it just the beginning?
I appreciate your opinion if you already have coped with these diffuculties.

If you install Firefox, you will be asked if the Google app or Firefox search should appear on swiping up. I think there can be another apps which can be configured as swipe-up handler.

Thank you, tofra. I think I don’t want any internet dependent app at any swiping as it causes screen freezing without internet available. I haven’t learnt yet how to change apps which start with swiping.

I have googled a bit. You can also install an app which actually does nothing. Or you can customize the swipe-up gesture with another app.

It will be automatically offered if you install a new app which can handle swipe-up.

And thank you again for letting me learn something new :wink: Somehow it is crazy - you need an extra app to be able to disable another one. Ok, then it would solve the problem nr. 1 from this list.

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I had the same error message, for me it went away when I enabled Web and Web Activity.

Go to Settings/Google/Personal Info and Privacy/Activity Controls and enable Web and Web Activity