Need to purchase Bottom Module for FP3 - any for sale?

Hi, looking to purchase a bottom module for my FP3. I rather desperately need a working phone and I’ve been waiting since August for a module, but they can’t give me a date. I’m in the UK, happy to pay shipping etc. on top of purchase if anyone has a working second hand one they are looking to sell?

If not, do I just give up and buy an FP4, the same as I would have done with any other phone? :frowning_face:

I assume (because you just needed to somehow bridge the time since then) you have already gotten yourself an external charger for the battery?

Hi Crysannia Welcome to the forum.

What is wrong with the bottom module and how long have you had the phone?

Unless you were an early adopter of the FP3 it may still benefit from its two year warranty.

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Mine has also been broken, I know for sure. I changed my own bottom module with somebody elses, and it charged again. Today I called fairphone again for the bottom modules, and the expected delivery is within a few weeks. Of course they do not know for sure, but a few weeks ago they would not even say if they were on transport, or give any kind of information regarding the timespan for re-stock. So I see it as progress.

It is possible to get it repaired out of warranty by fairphone, it just costs a lot more and will likely take weeks.

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Despite trying multiple chargers and cables it will only charge now if I hold the cable at a certain angle, or wedge it in at a certain angle - which will stop if the cable shifts or loses pressure. I was an early purchaser (due to issues with my FP2 - I keep trying because I really believe in the company, but my experiences haven’t been amazing!).
I don’t have an external charger - but I think Fairphone have agreed that, because the module has been out of stock for so long, I may be able to claim repairs on the warranty. We shall see.

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It seems to be back on stock and FP shop notice is: delivery within 2-5 days:


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