Need support with Fairphone support

Hi there,
before ten days my display gets obviously damaged (lines and dots und blind sections). Tried everytihng to fix it. I’ve opened a ticket Request #215093, nothing happens for the next days. After calling support the first time, a guy called Jevgeni tells me, that I have to send a picture of the damaged screen -> strange enough for obvious things!
I’ve uploaded it two time with the the “add file” function on the support page. I’ve told them two times that I’ve uploaded the picture and ask what are the next steps. Nothing happens. Today I’ve called again. Now another guy tells me that the uploud function is damaged and I have to use a tool, he will send me via mail. He also was not willing to tell me what happens next.
Current status for me is:

  1. Nothings happens, expect I call support via phone
  2. Support will not tell me the next steps.
  3. I don’t now, when the proccess will move on.
  4. I don’t know if i have to buy a new (fair?)phone.

Who has some experiences on how the support process can be putted in operation mode?

Kind regards,


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Did you manage to upload a photo of the screen by now?
It may seem strange to you but for me it sounds quite reasonable that they need some kind of proof that the screen is damaged and also something to determine whether it’s a screen failure or damage (e.g. due to a fall).

There is a backlog of support requests, so at the moment only calling will get you an answer fast.

They can’t before they see the issue.

If they determine it’s not a warranty issue you’ll probably have to buy a new screen.

If you are sure the display damage is covered by warranty, you could ask Fairphone to send the phone directly to them for further diagnostics and exchange of the display module.

Hi Paula,
all the things that needs to be done (remove the display, put it back, unscrew the phone, cleaned the contacts) I’have done and I’ve told it Jevgeni.

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Still that doesn’t substitute an actual picture of the issue.

Thats not a problem for me an not the case. I only want to know, how can I get/buy a new display and were should I send the obviously broken/damaged one!

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If the display is damaged (by you) you simply buy a new one in the shop and bring the old one to an electronics recycler.

Or through one of the resellers if there is no display available in the shop. Lots of them ship at least EU-wide.

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