Need some help: How to change file timestamps (FPOS)


I have a rather unusual question. I have moved some files with Amaze, only to find that Amaze doesn’t actually move, but merely copy files (which also explains why it is dead slow doing that).

The other drawback, besides the slow performance, is that the files after being so moved (actually, since there is no move command, cut and paste) is that files, in this case photos I took, bear the timestamp of the move operation. Yuck!

Luckily, image creation is part of the file name, so the info isn’t lost.

Since Android, or Fairphone Open OS (Nougat) doesn’t have a native mechanism to do so, I followed some internet tipps and installed Total Commander which WOULD allow me to set a better timestamp. IF the OS would allow it. The folder on the SD card cannot be modified by Total Commander, and if I try to set root option in Total Commander, I get the error message that the device is not rooted ?!

Next I tried it on the shell (Termux). There I cannot even enter the directory on the SD card due to lack of permissions…

I can copy the files through the USB interface (MTP) and change timestamps locally on my Linux, no problem.

But after I transfer the images back to the Fairphone, they bear the timestamp of this very transfer. Yuck!

Any tips?


Hi there!
If you use Simple File Manager, available on F-Droid, you have an option to keep the old timestamp when copying/cutting/moving.

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