Need help on moving sms and iTunes music to Fairphone

I previously owned an iPhone 5S and got a FP2 two days ago. I already managed to transfer iPhone contacts and photos to Fairphone. But don’t know how to transfer text messages and iTunes music. Is there an official app for data transfer?

I guess you’re on a mac so you’ll need Android File Transfer and you’re phone’s USB connection setting (pops up when you connect) set to MTP.

You can simply transfer music files to the music folder. If you want to sync the music you’ll need a 3rd party app like doubleTwist.

I’m not sure about text messages. I guess you’ll need to export them on the iPhone and move the files to the Fairphone. But I don’t know if both texting apps handle the same file formats.


On a Mac, your iTunes music can usually be found like this:

Music* > iTunes > Music
*in your system language

Inside the “Music” folder, there should be lots of artist folders.

I recommend that you check the size of the Music folder first. Your FP2 comes with around 25 GB of available storage, some people’s iTunes library is way bigger. My own iTunes library is very big, so I got myself a micro SD card to be able to accommodate all my music.

If/Once there is enough free space on your FP2 for your Music folder, just copy it from your computer to the FP2 as Paul already suggested.


Thanks. I managed to transfer the music folder but some of them can’t be played on the phone.

Are they in different file formats than the others or did you buy them with iTunes?
In iTunes you can convert files into mp3s. Even bought aac files.

Do your music tracks all appear in your music app or are some not shown at all? When I reboot my phone and launch the music app, it always takes considerable time before the music app has recognized all music tracks on the phone.

I would only convert AACs to mp3 as the very last resort (it adds further loss to an already lossy compression). I have almost only AAC files on my FP1U and there was never a problem playing them.

No file format in music folder. just song names.

Generally I tend to state that it is possible to play almost any available music/video format on FP just as on any other smartphone, it only depends on which player app is used. (Maybe BD videos are to heavy for FP although MXplayer is operating as multi-core app).
I am using MXplayer which can play a hell of a lot different file formats >50+, that should be enough imho.
I actually play AAC files as well btw. But maybe there are DRM issues if someone comes from the iTunes side.
It could be that some players need the file suffix (extension) to recognize what it is.


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