Need help! nobody answers my support ticket....15 days waiting

anybody knows another way to contact support office from spain appart from ticketing system?

really unhappy about it, asking for a refund and no answer at all…phone not working after a replacement.

any help?thank you

15+ days of waiting time is unfortunately not unusual. What usually works to speed things up is calling them with your ticket number at hand. More info here: #contactsupport.


unfortunately i cant wait much more…

hope they answer soon, i just found they way to open a europeean legal refund demand, other way to get an answer i suppose.

thanks for your answers.

This might be more useful (or at least more specifically relevant):


Actually my link is to create the legal order that u can print And send to your closest judge. Has to be sent to your local european las court. Quite easy actually… It tales more time to print the emails as a proof than fill the document.

Thanks anyway form the reminder on the laws.

Ah, for me it just opens the homepage, from which I couldn’t really fathom how to get to the relevant bit.

wrong link sorry

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