Need help for desactivate cellular network notification

I am a new user : I’m very happy, it works fine.
There is however something that bothers me in its use. Every time the phone lost or found the connection to the cellular network, there is an audible notification. I live in a region where it happens a lot (especially by car) and phone beeps very very often. I can’t find how to turn off these notifications only.
I use FP Open from the beginning so I don’t know if it’s part of the problem.
Is it possible ? If yes, how ?
Thank you very much !


PS : sorry for my poor english !

I never heard of the notification you describe.
Are you sure these notifications don’t signal a nearby open Wifi?
If so you can deactivate it in Settings > Wifi > : > Advanced.

If you really get these sounds when connecting/disconnecting to cellular networks maybe they are caused by a 3rd party app you installed?

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Did you listen to your voicemail and delete the messages ?
Or have unread SMS ?
It might be beeping because he receives new message notifications upon connection.


What reactivity!
It is true that I often have unread messages on my voice mail. I think the jaymanu’s idea is the good one. I do not have many installed applications…
I’ll see if I can disable notifications of voicemail. I tell you if it works.
Thank you !

I do not see where disable voicemail notifcations without desactivate sms ones and phone calls. Do you have an idea ?

I can deactivate my sms-notifications of my voicemail in the voicemal directly. You can’t turn off the sounds from voicemail-sms and not every other sms.

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