Need help - Fairphone3 broken

My Fairphone 3 is completely broken / Body and screen. Was told by Fairphone support that if I send it in for repair , everything will be reset; i.e. all pictures etc… will be lost… (not saved on SIM Card): Any idea what I can do / who could help to restore the pictures before I send the Fp to the reapir center? Thanks

I’m sorry to hear about your phone.

Have you tried connecting your phone to a computer with a USB cable? See if you can access the photos/videos on the phone that way?

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Only some contact details are saved on the SIM and they can be ‘saved’ by inserting in another phone, that’s if you dis save to the SIM, many people don’t.

All photos etc. are saved on the main memory on the core module. Fairphone will always wipe the phone as it’s a security risk etc.

One option is to use an SD card formatted as portable and save all your images etc. there . . . in the future ???

So by broken do you mean just the screen or crushed by a car etc.

Sorry, but: Data recovery from a broken phone is commercially offered for 350 Euros or more.

If others read this: Please prevent such situations by using an SD (SDXC) card formatted as “portable storage” and routinely move all data you can to that card.


Another good recommendation to make sure the data loss in case of crash&theft in minimal:
Try Syncthing (ad-free + cost-free + excrypted + open source + flawlessly excellent working :wink: ) to automatically save data on other devices.
Multiplatform-ready: Works fine on Windows/Linux/MacOS/Android

I really can´t live without it anymore :+1:


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