Need a new bottom module for my fairphone 2

I need a new or replacement for my bottom module FP2. It is not available in the shop anymore. (Strange). I bought the FP2 so I can replace the modules myself. Dureable I thought. It’s not anymore. I hope someone can get me the working bottom module.

Hi @Frederique-Nicole : Welcome to the forum

The following topic is to gather people’s request for a new bottom module make by @Leo_TheCrafter

Go there and add your request, if it suits.

The issue is of course why you want abottom module.

Leo’s offering contains a new mic and a new USBC port, the later requiring you to modify the case to allow for the extra size of the USBC or you can also buy a case from Leo

You will also have to unplug the vibrator and speaker from the old module to the new.

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I need a new microfoon. I think its in one part together with loudspeaker etc.

They are in the same module, but the module made by Leo does not contain the speaker so you must transfer from the old module and you must use the other link to order, this topic here is closed for orders.

Edit: this post here for sure is a “private” thread by OP.

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Where can I find that link?
I am very disapointed by Fairphone. I thought I could easily repair my phone so I don’t have to throw it away, but this is not easy.

Please see above provided by amoun

Otherwise, yes it would be great if the module would not be out oft stock from Fairphone, but the phone is almost 6 years old and more modules than probably expected were needed and re-production oftmore modules most likely not economic.


I’m ‘afraid’ that some people bought the phone in 2018 and so only see a three year usage

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Well maybe another two or three thanks to @Leo_TheCrafter not Fairphone

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I suppose the other ‘collating’ topic could have it’s title changed to indicate no more orders? @yvmuell

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