Navigation bar problem

Hey everyone, I noticed that the FP4 navigation bar does not look like the standard android one (and this is ok), but it seems that when you are in the open app selection screen and try to return to the home page it almost never works.
It’s a problem only on my phone? Someone has a workaround?

You’re right, forgive me.
I’m running on FP4 stock firmware last update (I unboxed it yesterday),
for better explain the problem I can say it looks “too little” the area where I can swipe up and maybe a little too percise in the direction if while I swipe upwards I happen to go very little to the left or right then the command received is as moved to the left or to the right and not up.

I don’t know how to best express the sensation but on the Samsung Tab S7 (Android 11 and Android 12) and on the Mi MIX 2S (LOS 17) the experience has always been much better, so much so that between the two devices I didn’t notice any differences.

On FP4 looks less intuitive

I can’t really confirm any such behavior. From my experience it works just fine and I don’t even have to be that precise. :man_shrugging: Maybe your swipe starts too high? I basically put my finger under the actual screen (but still on the glass surface) and then swipe.

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Actually, it does, it’s the new standard design.

No clue, but I personally could never get used to it. Does setting it to the old layout count as a workaround? Settings → System → Gestures → System navigation → 3-button navigation.

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I’ve the same bug when i use Nova launcher but not when i use the fairphone’s launcher.
Have you find à salution ? Can’t we remove it ?

I have no problems. Everythings works as expected
I think, if you have problems and can’t live with it, the only possibilty is to change to 3 button navigation.

You can also open a ticket at FP support, but as long as they cannot reproduce it, it would be hard to convince them to change something…

With standard launcher it works!
Thanks you all :slight_smile:

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Actually, it does, it’s the new standard design.

Coming from an Honor View 10 with the (IMHO amazing) use of various swipes on a front-mounted fingerprint sensor to implement gesture navigation… Android 11 gesture nav is not as good as that, but close, fairly fiddly but usable: definitely the best navigation scheme I’ve ever seen in stock Android, once you work out how to use it.

The quick swipe left or right to switch to previous apps is very nice (though the way that left-then-right gets you back to the same app you left, but left-then-wait-five-seconds means you have to go left again to get to the same place is just nuts). The app switcher itself works well, though I wish there was a way to turn off the screenshot thing since I keep hitting it by accident, and I never ever want a screenshot (why put something so obscure in such a critical place in the task switcher?!)

But… on the home screen, it is seriously quite difficult to get back to the app switcher without either opening the app drawer or popping up the (entirely useless) Google Assistant. You have to do a sort of vague swipe up and right which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. I often find myself switching to the previous app just so I can get at the app switcher more easily, which really is kind of crazy.

Plus of course it would be nice if any of this stuff was in any way documented rather than everyone having to get it from the same sketchy-as-hell autoplaying-video-crammed reviews actually written by PR companies with half the details wrong and half the rest only applying to one phone vendor’s custom-hacked interface. But then I am clearly a creature of the past: modern interfaces are intuitive, right? We say that so we don’t need to write a manual!

(Note: I’m not saying Fairphone should have written a manual. I’m saying Google should have. It’s their interface.)

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For anyone wondering why this problem is happening with Nova Launcher (and because this just came up in another topic):
When you switch away from the Recent Apps screen (your screenshot), you are essentially switching from the built in QuickStep launcher to Nova, because Google doesn’t allow 3rd party launchers to supply the Recent Apps functionality.
That change from one launcher to the other will always feel “laggy” compared to the native one that can do that internally.

Either Google has to change it’s policy or Nova will have to support QuickSwitch (apparently unlikely) for this to get better :roll_eyes:


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