My slim cover has cracks already

And - judging by the postings and pictures in this thread - the cover will serve it’s purpose even if some cracks should appear. So it will be better than your taped version anyway (until your warranty replacement arrives).
But hopefully your transparent cover will be just fine without any cracks.

Two weeks ago i bought a transparent slim case for my FP2. Crazy as i am, because who the hell is willing to pay more than 30 Euro for a simple piece of plastic. But now, the case is showing cracks and fractures at two edges. And this without any reason. Has anyone made a similar experience? Could it be, that he material of the transparent case is low quality? This would be very annoying.IMG_20180602_131029IMG_20180602_131048


Look at my post :wink:

Yes, i have the same problem. It is very annoying that FP delivers such miserable quality for this price (30 Euro plus shipping). We can see all kind of plasticboxes in the supermarkets, made to keep food and to put it in the freezer. They last until the end of all days without showing any sign of weakness. But FP is not able to produce something that lasts much longer than two weeks. I wish anybody in this forum has an explanation for this bullshit.


@Monica.Ciovica This increasingly doesn’t look like there are just a few “Monday” covers around. Are Fairphone already aware?


We are aware that some units of the first production batch of the transparent and black translucent slim cases are susceptible to breakage. This may happen when the phone and its case did not experience pressure or fall damage.

What happened?
The original hard coating process meant to provide additional protection against scratches has caused the material of some of the new transparent and black translucent production units to become less flexible and thus brittle.

Please read on how to get your case replaced in warranty:


Hi @Monica.Ciovica! :slight_smile:

The article says:

Should there be a link in “this form”? I’m confused which form is meant. :thinking:

Hi Stefan,

Indeed there will be a link attached, the Support team is working on it as we speak.


Can people find the SKU number of their slim case anywhere else than the plastig bag it came in? Is it included in their ordering emails?

Hi Urs,
Yes they can, in the invoice next to the product name.


Just one reminder of my earlier suggestion: Anyone who gets a replacement case please offer the case rim you no longer need to others. Fairphoners with red and turquoise cases might love the opportunity to fit those with black buttons for a visual change! :slight_smile: Of course, this applies to those who had opaque slim case replacements, too.

Maybe this is a (non-commercial) business for Fairphone Angel Heavens as well.


Same problem here: my new transparent cover didn’t last 3 weeks.
Thank you for acknowledging the problem!

My original cover with rubber edging came apart - so, I bought a new clip-together cover. The old one is of no use to anyone.

… and another one bites the dust …

Transparent slim-cover with cracks at both lower edges and from the side to the power switch.

For the record: I’ve already owned

  1. a translucent blue cover (thick version) - broken & replaced under warranty
  2. a translucent black cover (thick version) - broken & replaced under warranty
  3. s solid back cover (thick version) - still works, but I changed to
  4. a blue slim-cover - still works
  5. a transparent slim-cover - broken & about to be replaced under warranty
    so for now it’s back to cover number 4, until this is fixed.
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I have the exact same problem… Manipulated once to put it on, never fell down or suffered in any way and it has cracked at the corner exactly like yours… :disappointed_relieved:

I have now a black translucent cover from a new batch (with a different coating) and it seems to be more stable and no cracks for now.
It’s only a few days, but with one out of the first batch, the cracks were already there.
Fingers crossed!


Can you elaborate a bit – what’s the “different coating” like? Has it got a different haptic touch? Does the surface feel different?

It’s a bit darker and smoother, I would say.
It’s like the old coating made the plastic more “dried out” and fixed, this one feels a bit “wettish” and flexible.
Maybe this helps :smile:


:de: Hier wird in Berlin der einfache, schwarze Rahmen für ein Slim Case gesucht (die Lautstärketaste ist abhanden gekommen): Vielleicht kann ja ein*e Berliner Fairphoner*in mit kaputtem Case einen solchen Rahmen spenden, damit die gute Frau nicht gleich das ganze Case neu kaufen oder gar die Lautstärketaste aufwendig neu drucken lassen muss. UPDATE: Wie u.a. hier zu sehen, gibt’s jetzt schon freundliche Geister, die zur Stelle sind. Ich schätze, weitere Rahmenangebote braucht’s nicht mehr. :de:


Ich hätte noch einen Rahmen übrig, würde ihn verschenken, hab aber kein Twitter :slight_smile: