My screen is going completely nuts

I bought my FP2 second hand in this forum something like a year ago. It has been having issues now and then with the screen behaviour (like, one line on the side of the screen not responding) but they were very occasional and manageable, so I was too lazy to come here for an answer. What I did check was that the previous owner had also had some issues with the screen and had recently changed it before selling to me. The weird behaviour stopped for a long while so I didn’t play it any mind.

The thing is recently the screen is going crazy- literally. Random spots of the screen activate continuously changing so it turns out being just useless. It has happened for a short period of time on various occasions for, say, the last couple of months. It normally doesn’t last more than a few hours and it goes little by little until there is no issue anymore but my phone has being practically useless since yesterday now. I am a complete noob but I seriously doubt it is a screen issue and suspect that it might be the processor or whatevs.

I am obviously searching for new gear but in the meanwhile if I have a miraculous angel that can help me use at least the freaking bank app, I would be eternally, celestially thankful (you know, because of the angel thing. Ok, sorry, won’t do it again).

Thanks a lot in advance!

PS: I have tried the dismantle and carefully clean the connections part and it’s as crazy as before.

There are some users with similar problems: Search results for 'Screen issue category:49' - Fairphone Community Forum
For example: Strange screen issue

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Thanks for your reply. I need to go more deeply into the topics there but so far I don’t see anything like what’s happening to me. To explain it better, it is as if a ghost wants to mess with me and presses random spots of the screen so it opens and closes apps, taps and deletes E.T.-like conversations, dials extremely long emergency numbers… As I say, completely nuts and, as for right now, completely useless. I can do nothing with it right now. Well, maybe throwing it through the window could work…

Take the cover off, remove the battery, disassemble the display.
Scratch the contacts with a brass brush.
Clean the contacts with a q-tip dipped in isopropyl alcohol.
Assemble your Fairphone

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In this case, ghost actually is a good search term for something like this …


Hi, I had the same sort of issues a few weeks ago with my screen, after the update to Android 9. It may have been the screen, or the update, but the phone was unworkable for me (and unreliable). Cleaning did not help, I am a-technical and need a phone, so I bought a gigaset g4, sorry for Fairphone, but I had done my best for 2,5 years of FP2.
I wish you much good luck, hopefully the angels will help you solve this problem and chase the ghosts away!

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As I already explained in the original post, I have already disassembled, cleaned and reassembled my phone and it didn’t do it for me… :confused: Thanks for the reply anyways.

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Did you scratch the contacts with a brass brush?

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