My phone's just gone crazy

I switched on to make a text and the screen kept pulsating and wasn’t touch sensitive. I did a hard reset and when it came back it pulsated for a few seconds then settled down, so I started the text, then it went crazy again, it was moving so fast it was hard to keep up but it appeared to be trying to do several things at breakneck pace including adding a new user. It also sent 3 gibberish texts to the person I was trying to text and started to 'phone someone at random out of my 'phone book.

Is this a known fault with the phone or have I picked up a virus? I downloaded the Greenpeace 3D app today from the Google store but that’s all I’ve downloaded in months.

This sometimes happens if the touchscreen is broken or the connection to the rest of the phone is unstable.
Try to #disassemble the phone and carefully clean the connectors between the display module and the main module. Then put it back making sure it connects well (no gaps).
If that doesn’t help you’ll probably need to contact support.

Oh and one more thing: Was your Phone recently exposed to raindrops or humidity? That could cause damage to your screen. If you’re lucky it will work again if you let the phone dry for a day or more in the disassembled state.

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No. That hasn’t made any difference.

A thought has occurred to me though. For a little while now when texting, I’ve had trouble using the letters on the far right of the screen when held in the standard ‘portrait’ position. I’ve had to rely upon ‘corrective text’ to 2nd guess what I meant to write. Might this be connected in any way?

Yes, that too points to a faulty screen. So if cleaning didn’t help I’m afraid you’ll have to get a replacement screen from support.

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