My phone restarts by itself

In the last days it has happened multiple times that my phone rebooted by itself while I was using it. It just has 1 year, what could it be? It does that 2 or 3 times consequently and then it stops.

update 24/07
I went in safe mode and got back, and I also activated LTE to see if that’s the problme. For now it hasn’t rebooted again.

Hi Just to be sure, do you mean it stops restarting but stays on or stays off.

Have tried starting in safe mode?

Also do you have an SD card and is it installed as Portable storage with the eject icon to the right.


It stops restarting, but it stays on. I don’t have an SD card inserted but I have 2 SIMs inserted, do you think that is the problem?

Thanks for the update, at least it stays on :slight_smile:
The only ideas I have are to try with just one sim card and to try the safe mode in each case, with one or two sims

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Hi @Simone_Palladino
So this never happens when the phone is just lying on a table, only when you’re actively using it?


I advise you to #contactsupport in any case, the phone is still under warranty.


I suggest you to give a look to my post:

I’m reporting all the situations while I had a reboot.

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exactly, only while I use it, it restarts twice and then it works normally


Turning LTE on was a good idea. It will affect the way the phone handles mobile data connection.
You can also try using WiFi only (turn off mobile data). If the problem doesn’t occur then it’s likely to do with mobile data.
My thoughts: if geographically you are between two masts the phone may “hesitate” and this might cause problems.
Does the problem occur when you’re at a specific location or doing a specific task?


It happend again :frowning: I think it has always happened when I wasn’t at home, so I was always using mobile data, but other than that no specific geographical location. Today I will write to the support team and let’s see what they will tell me

If that is the case ensure you have wifi off in case it’s trying to find a better connection and switching between wifi and network.
Also you can try Settings > Network and Internet > Mobile network > Advanced > Enhanced 4G LTE Mode : OFF and Preferred network type : you can try 2G/3G only and see if that is any different.

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I have had the same problem.

This implies you don’t have the problem anymore.
How was it solved? Or did it just not happen again?


It just stopped. I had it in my pocket on a (very) hot summerday. Maybe IT was just overheated

@koed So was it resolved as @AnotherElk asked :slight_smile:

On very hot days humidity can also get into the phone and cause more permanent circuit and contact and degradation issues.

Probably, I’ve downloaded an app that alerts me when battery is over 35° and it doesn’t stop alerting me :sweat_smile: and I’m also currently using 2 SIMs (the main one has like 4 years) so there could be several reasons but they’re all quite temporary so I hope it will stop when I’ll get back to a colder place with using dual SIM

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