My phone keeps turning itself off

Today my FP2 has started turning itself off all the time, even when I’m not using it, just noticing when I pick it up I have to sign with my pin code again. I’ve had the phone for three weeks. My surftime has ran out, but I have Wifi where I am, and that shouldn’t have anything to with phone turning off. Also I’d like to know is there another way to save photos, have an album in the phone instead of Google? Do I need to have internet access just to see and work with my photos? Btw I think the camera is really bad quality…

Have a look at this:

Have you installed the latest software updates already?

When you make pictures with the default camera, the images are stored locally, on your device (in /storage/sdcard0/DCIM/Camera). If you don’t like the Google app you can install a third party gallery to see them.

Some people also use a third party app for making pictures and are more satisfied with the results than with making pictures with the default camera app.

Also note that some software updates improved the image quality.

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Taking out the SIM-card hasn’t helped. Tonight it kept turning itself off when doing nothing. It just gave a bleeb when I had to write the pin-code again, thus making it hard for me to fall asleep,as I was waiting for a call in the morning and didn’t know if it would ring or not.

Is the phone really turning itself off, or is it this problem? Re-Enter SIM PIN

Earlier it turned itself off completely, rebooting itself, but today I just have to write the pin code every 10 minutes or so

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