My phone is stuck on the start up screen

My FP does not start up. I see the Fairphone logo, but there is nothing more I can do. I waiting for the battery to run out, charged it, took the battery out and put it back in again, tried to switch it off and on again several times… But nothing…

Anyone knows what to do?


Try the following:

  • Turn the phone off
  • Hold Power+Vol+
  • Keep holding until “Loading Team Win Recovery” appears.
  • In TWRP choose reboot to system.

Does the phone boot normally now?

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for a few minutes, everything seems to go a usual, but then I make one
phone call, to my voicemail who’s full of messages by now, and after half a
message, the screen goes black again and the phone is dead once again…

Well that could be one of 3 things:

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