My phone doesn't work anymore

Hi all.

A couple of day ago my phone has fallen and it doesn’t turn on anymore. I’ve tried to put it in charge, but even in this case there isn’t any sign of life, no lights, no vibration or sound what so ever. It doesn’t look physically broken in any his parts, but for some reason it doesn’t work, probably the processor or something. I been trying to contact with technical support but nobody answerers.

The warranty period is already expired, but still I would like to have some information about the possibility to get the phone fixed.

Thank you

I suppose you’ve already tried to disassemble and reassemble the modules?


Hi Volker,

I’ve tried removing the screen only, tomorrow I’ll try to remove the others. But I do believe there is something broken with the core modules. Can I do something for it? Thanks

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I know this link is out of date as Fairphone stopped selling FP2 core module and device has to be shipped to repair centre, but gives you an idea of cost and non-viability of repair:

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