My phone cover has become deformed!

My FP2 cover has gradually deformed around the area where the volume button is, to the point where it bulges out completely, exposing the phone and making it very difficult to use the buttons. Can I get this replaced under warranty?


My cover (white translucient, made in 2015) has some deformations in the area of the USB port, the volume and the power button(s), though they are very slight.

I actually wonder where they come from in the first place. Is it caused by heat or the way the cover’s made? Because people have already posted pictures of covers in this forum which have literally been torn apart and I can’t explain to myself how that’s possible. I mean, I am removing my phone’s cover a lot, sometimes to properly clean the screen, but mostly because of debugging purposes which I had to do a lot of in the younger past.

Yes, should be possible.

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Some think it might be due to the material of the translucent covers, but apparently they also split between the opaque frame and the main part of the cover.

Not sure though if only covers with translucent are affected. I already have my second one, and it starts to crack again and also to make a wave near one button, so I am afraid I may need to replace it as well sooner or later.
So far I think all the pictures I saw of broken covers were translucent ones, so maybe the opaque covers hold better. But I don’t know that for sure.


Interesting. Mine hasn’t cracked, but I have hardly removed it, so I think the ‘wave’ (good description!) is a manufacturing issue. Might stick with the opaque one if there seem to have been fewer issues. Mine is the blue transparent version.

Had the same problem, got a replacement one through the support website. Everything went very smooth once I provided a picture of the issue.

My broken (split at the volume control) cover was a black matte one. So not only translucent covers are affected.

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I guess the problem is made by design. Therefor the replacement that you receive quickly may show the same problem next winter. Interesting to me due to the problem is the fact that you hardly opened your FP2 although you own it long enough. I recommend additional fixture to get more longvity especially for the ribbon of the cover. Because I also have the same problem I purchased a light cage bumper case made as 3D-printout, You may find it from my hardware DIY topic from yesterday. Although it doesnot look nice for FP2 that already looks tough without extended fixtures. I am hoping for a special second ribbon to pull over the first one omitting the button zones. It would increase stability as another bumper and solve the poor quality of the original ribbon.

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In the answer to my support ticket the team told me they were still investigating why this happens so yeah, the problem was not solved as of early June, 2016


We still have to accept how this is still beta testing state due to a new modularity design.


I had the same problem. After contacting FP (including. a photo of the problem), it was replaced under warranty. Good service!

I have also the “wave” next to the volume control button. If I got you correctly I just have to send a picture of the broken cover via a support ticket, right? Will it be then still necessary in a next step to send in the broken one? - This would be only acceptable for me if I could send it in only after receiving the new one, since I fear/expect currently a prolonged response time of the fairphone team.

I received a response within a few days, and they are sending me a new cover without asking for the old one. Just send in a ticket with the subject heading ‘Cracked FP2 cover’. Their service was very efficient!

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No, Fairphone support has not requested back my broken cover yet.



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Thanks for your confirmation - I will give it also a try :wink:


Exactly the same problem here! My black cover got deformed around volume buttons area! :sob: I guess it depends on bad quality materals…

They are looking into the manufacturing process to try and establish what
the problem is - fingers crossed!

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But the good point about this is that it’s only the back cover here. I mean if they get the quality issue fixed then it will be something about a few euros we are dealing with.

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