My new FP2 can't find my SIM's contacts, and don't switch off

Hello everybody !

I’ve just received my FP2, and I can’t read the contacts I have on my SIM card : it seems as there were none (but I still can see them on my old and half-broken phone). I’ve tried to put my SIM card in the second slot, and there my SIM code is even not recognized (bit maybe it’s normal if there is non card in the first slot ? I find this a bit strange still …)
And I’ve got a second surprise : when I switch off, it start again at once as if I had made the choice “restart” instead of “switch off”.

Any idea about where it could come from and how to solve theses ? Thanks !

The OS on your FP2 is probably still version 18.09.2, right? This problem should be fixed once you update to a later version (using the app “(Fairphone) Updater”). A temporary fix before the update was/is to activate the flashlight function and then shut the phone down (with the flashlight still on).

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