My new fairphone suddenly turned off and won't turn on

I recently baught a new fairphone and was using it for about a day and noticed suddenly it was off and would not turn on. I did not get any low power notifications and it shouldnt have been on long enough today to die. Holding the power button has zero reaction, it does not attempt to start or warn low power. When plugged it it flashes the fairphone splashscreen for less then a second and then nothing further. It does not indicate further if its charging.

Is there a way to test different components to see if its the battery, port or otherwise? Thanks.

Put your phone on the charger and leave it at least for 2 hours on the charger. Then try again to start your phone.


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Assuming that this is not just a discharged battery (I would recommend never letting it discharge below 5% and in normal times try to keep the battery charged between 20% and 80% …) …

In a case like this your first action should be to report the problem to official Support (see: contactsupport ). Also make sure that you register your phone so as to benefit from extended warranty in the future.

As to finding which component is at fault, you may be able to find a Fairphone angel near you who could help with parts from another phone for testing.

Have you ever removed and reinserted the battery?

Thanks for the reminder. In fact, I forgot about it. I have just made up for it now. :+1:

Ive tried charging it for a good few hours without making any progress

Unfortunately, i live in the united states so there are no fairphone angels anywhere remotely near me.

The second issue is because i live in the US, i had to buy my phone from murena, however, because i did not want a de-googled phone, i flashed the original fairphone 4 os back on (seemingly successfully because i was able to use it for a day) however, i just realized that invalidates my warranty from them, and i assume i cant get a warranty from fairphone either because i did not buy it directly from them.

After a lot more searching, i found that my issue was similar to this post Fairphone 4 stuck in Boot Loop I am able to get into the bios, however it is locked, so i cannot reflash the entire operating system, and i cannot boot into recovery mode, it just goes back into the same bootloop. Down in the comments of the post they mention it might be an a/b slot change bug, do you think there might be a way to recover from this, or did i somehow brick my new $600 phone?

You are sure that OEM unlocking is disabled, so did you try to unlock the bootloader?

You might have bricked it, however when this happens Murena should have ways to fix this, Fairphone bills approx 50€ for this. So def contact Murena


Well, I’m sorry that it sounds similar to this (long and extensive) topic:

Hope OEM unlock is still enabled :crossed_fingers: so you’ll be able to unlock the bootloader again. But actually I’m not too optimistic in this case… :frowning:

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Expert required here. Yes, I should have thought of that when you mentioned seeing the splash screen.

I think you should get in touch with Fairphone support, even if you bought the device from Murena. It’s just possible they may have a solution that would avoid having to send the phone back to Europe. EDIT I expect it’s best to use Murena support in the first instance.

I’m not sure that’s the case. I believe you can now get Fairphones shipped to the USA from a UK firm, Clove. Those who want to use /e/OS should buy from Murena, those who prefer FPOS can order from Clove. But that’s just for others who may be reading this thread.