My new fairphone 2, so many problems

Hello everyone! I’m new here, just got my phone maybe three weeks ago, been waiting since july. There are so many things not working, is this normal? am I able to fix it by myself?

Outer camera often turns into purple distorted lines. Selfie camera works, but if I’m recording it will record like 5 seconds then go black.

It gets really, really hot just from doing things like watching youtube. I can almost burn myself by touching it. I was on skype once and the phone shut of completely. I waited maybe 30 minutes and then I could turn it on, but the battery was completely drained (I had like 20% before)

Battery charging:
If I plug in a charger while on skype, it won’t charge. If I hang up and reconnect the charger, I can use skype and charge at the same time.

Things I’ve done to fix;
I have reconnected the camera. It’s working better now, but not reliable.
Updated to latest version of OS.
Rebooted many times.

I have emailed about the camera, and they want me to return the phone for a refund… which sucks, cause I really want this phone! Besides the issues, the phone is good.

Is this “normal” for a fairphone? is my phone broken? :frowning:




Did you buy directly from Fairphone? Did they not offer to exchange the phone? Perhaps it was still in the grace period when you could give it back anyway … call them and ask whether they could just exchange the phone.
If not, take the money and buy it again, it’s totally worth it without issues (I can tell :wink: ).


I’m sure you can negotiate to get a replacement instead even though FP2 is currently not for sale because of some shortage in the supply chain. What might help is if you contact an #fairphoneangels group near you and they help you determine what module(s) need to be replaced by swapping and testing. Then you can simply ask for a replacement of that/those modules. I’m guessing it’s the camera and maybe bottom module - hopefully not the core module.


Hi there, i got also a FP2 recently for my wife, i have got the same Problem like you: Main Camera does not work all the time, and the heat is also noticeable, but not so much as you describe.

I tried to remove the Camera Module, but one thread is loose so the whole module is stuck. So far i am not very impressed with the Quality control.

I did buy directly from fairphone. They replied
"Once your product arrives, we will inspect and assess it:
If the product is found to be in a very good condition and with no sign of user-induced damage, we will proceed with the settlement of your return;
If the product has been damaged (cosmetic damages) or is not working as expected (functional damages), you will be held liable for its diminished value."

I’m guessing they don’t have any other phones to swap it with, and I might not even get a full refund.

There doesn’t seem to be any angels in my country :frowning: I live in sweden.

Have you contacted support? Sounds like a similiar problem to mine.

Yeah i did, but she choose to send it back to the mobile company, she is switching back to apple.

There was an update the other day and the phone seems to be working now! No more purple strips when using the camera, and the selfie-cam is working too! The phone still gets warm, but I compared to a friend and his FP2 gets about the same heat. Only bug now is that if I plug in a charger while on skype, it won’t charge. Have any of you had this problem?

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This could be of interest for you:


Could you tell me the number of that update? I hace the dame problemas with muy camera

Latest update for FP OS is 17.11.2

Same goes for FP Open OS 17.11.2

Both published November 7th.

I did it but my camera continues with the problem

I did a reset and removed and put back the screen and that fixed it :slight_smile: sorry for late reply!

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