My FP4 won't stay shut down during battery charging

Hi, I’m travelling abroad, and frequently need to charge my phone.
Every time I plug it into my battery booster and put it in shut down mode to get maximum efficiency and best charge time, it boots up again! It’s the same if l plug it into a mains source as well.
Please advise how I might solve this? It didn’t happen before the latest software update.

Are you sure that it really boots up into the full system? Usually, when turned off before plugging in, the Android devices I had boot into some sort of charge mode that only shows the battery percentage. My guess is that this is also required to enable quick charging, as this possibly needs some software support. But I did not verify the behavior with the current A12 update, yet.

As for maximum efficiency: I suggest you simply leave your phone on and put it into Airplane Mode. This way all devices I had so far consume a negligible amount of battery and it’s pretty much ready whenever you need it. Having to boot it up on the other hand can also be hard(er) on the battery than simply letting it idle.


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