My FP2 won't now connect to the internet (but wifi is ok)

For the last couple of weeks my FP2 refuses to connect to the internet when I’m out and about.

My Duckduckgo browser just brings up an error message “The web page at … could not be loaded because: net: ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED”

It won’t connect even when there is a good (full little white triangle) or ok 4G or 3G signal.

It will connect happily to Wifi, but I don’t want to latch onto every random public wifi network going (or even sign up e.g. for the wifi offered by train companies, cafes etc), when I have plenty of data left in my month’s allowance that I’ve paid for.

I’m currently running open source FP Android 10 (build number fp2…sibon-userdebut sibon-89581e6c)

Any idea what’s causing the problem and what I can do about it?

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Did you check the APN settings? Are they set according to the instructions of your provider?

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Hi Incanus,

I struggled to find the correct APN settings online. My phone provider is Your Co-op (previously called the Phone Co-op) which is a mobile virtual network operator. (I bought my Fairphone 2 through them, and then switched to a SIM only deal when I’d paid for the phone itself). The underlying network they use is EE.

The Phone Co-op website gives elementary information for Fairphone 3 users on setting up the internet - basically, to restore defaults ( but nothing specific for Fairphone 2 users. They give generic information for customers with other phones (Mobile - Help & Resources | Your Co-op Mobile)

I eventually found some settings for EE customers on an EE community forum EE APN Settings: Where to find them - The EE Community

I tried the settings on EE’s site, switched my phone off and on again and at least right now at home, I have managed to get on the internet. Fingers crossed!

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