My FP2 is stuck on Headphone Mic as Default even if not plugged in

Since three weeks my phone always defaults to the headset jack as the mic to use even if it is not plugged.
I rebooted, I updated, I even bought a replacement headset exchange part. (Upgraded my Cameras in at the same time.)
In normal phone calls it can use the bluetooth headset to pick up voice.
Other Apps like WeChat, WhatsApp, voice recorder usw, only use the Headphone Jack.
If I plug in a headset I can use it it. I cant record voice anymore when I unplugg it.

It sounds like a Software problem since it persisted even when changing the Hardware.

Look and see if there is any difference when entering the safe mode.

If so you will have to find the app causing this behavior.

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While in Safe mode, when I use the normal recording app it still wont register voice. Only usable when I plug in an analoge headset.

So its no third party app thats causing the problem.
So something with the first party App/OS should be responsible for the malfunction.

Seems like your last chance is a reset.

But if the phone is still in a warranty period I would then go for this if resetting does not avail.

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