My FP2 is sending Multiple Texts

This is an odd problem as it’s one I can’t really monitor - but apparently my phone sends texts more than once. I am in the UK on Co-Op (EE) and recently my friends and family have been telling me that they always receive my texts more than once. But today one contact said they received the same text 74 times! Does anyone else have this problem? Is it a phone thing? Or Sim? Or network?

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I’m not quite sure if it’s the same problem that you’re experiencing, however, I have already seen a similar behaviour on different phones. In that case it is definitely a network problem…

It usually occurs when you have a very weak GSM signal and the text can’t be transmitted completely. In that case the checksum of the text your phone tried to send and the checksum of the text the transmission tower received don’t match and the transmission is started again. Anyway, in some cases these incomplete texts are still delivered to a recipient’s phone…

To actually make sure that the phone does not send multiple texts you might first check your sent-folder and second your online account (if you have one) on your operator’s website. Many operators let you check your recent call, text and mobile data history there…

I came here looking for a solution for the same issue. Only shows in my outbox as 1 message sent, but recipients receive multiple times. Different recipients so does seem to be me not them. Doesn’t happen every time. Sometimes sends 2 or 3 times, yesterday someone said they received message 24times (may have been a slight exaggeration, but maybe not).

Very frustrating. A full internet search suggests it is an issue on other phones too, but no clear agreement on what to do about it

Thanks for the reply @Jochen17. I have since checked with my phone company and they say it is a handset issue. You suggest checking the sent-folder - where do I find that? I checked the online account but they only seem to record calls and not texts. The one indication I can see is that on the messaging app it has a number next to the name of texts sent and received and it would suggest it corresponds to what I can see on my phone (i.e. one message sent) and not the the 74 that my friend actually received.

Sorry, I hardly use conventional text messages anymore and just realized that there is no longer a sent-folder in the default android messaging-app. But the number next to the contact name might actually be an equivalent to that, indicating that your phone has not sent the message multiple times. However, this might not be accurate…

It seems like a lot of people have the same problem at times… In this forum, some solutions are discussed. Perhaps you can find a solution there…?

I have just started to experience the same problem, using the messaging app pre-installed on the phone, in the UK and on the Phone Co-Op.

Today I sent a text to a work contact, and got a call back immediately as he had received the text 25 times and they were still coming. He was very understanding but probably slightly annoyed.

Immediately I deleted the thread of messages and rebooted my phone, hoping this would stop sending them.

To test the problem, I then sent a text to my housemate, who then received the same text message over 60 times. This time I noticed that the message status had remained as ‘sending’. I had full signal on the phone at the time. Deleting the thread of messages and rebooting the phone stopped the message being received.

Subsequent texts worked normally and were only received once.

Anyone figured out what’s going on here?

Thanks, rob.

Hi All,

I been having the same problem and noted that there was previously a problem with the fairphone 2 and the use of the two sims.

I had my preferences set to ask me which sim, personal EE and work O2, to send from each time. When picking the O2 sim to send messages it would send it multiple times.

I’ve just set it to only send from work sim and that seems to have solved the problem.
Not sure if that is helpful.



I have only been using one sim for a while (although I have had two working before), so I don’t think that was causing my problem. Today however I have received a replacement FP2 (thanks to Co-op and Fairphone) as my friends and family were fed up with me sending duplicate texts! Fingers crossed this solves the problem - although no-one could identify why it was happening.

To update this thread, my new FP2 has exactly the same problem. Co-op wanted to exchange it again but I wasn’t convinced that it would sort the problem and changing phones is a bit of a hassle. They did suggest that switching to 2G might help (they have had other customers reporting the same problem it seems). This does seem to solve the sending of multiple texts but makes using the phone a real pain as I have to switch back to 4G everytime I want to do something more data heavy!

I have the same thing. I have been using textra app on coop EE in the UK and have tried changing to chomp sms. It stopped the mutliple texts for a while but then started again.

Whats the general protocal with this problem, should I be reporting it Fairphone or the coop do you think?

Cheers in advance

Exact same problem (FP2/Co-op). It seemed to affect 2G phones I sent messages to more often, but I never knew how many times they received the message unless they told me. More annoying for them because it quickly filled up their message folder. I’m in the process of changing provider (to BT Mobile), so will be interested to see if it stops.

I’ve also just started to have this problem - 18 months after receiving my Fairphone. I’m also with the Phone Co-op (although I didn’t get my FP through them) - they say that it isn’t their network, but they will look at it if I can call them within 24 hours of this happening. This came on suddenly and I’m on PAYG (not being a big phone user), so my mobile bill was x8 higher than usual - not very happy. Will be raising as a support issue.

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