🇬🇧 🇫🇷 My FP2 fell into the water -> should I change the screen?

My FP2 fell into the water. It did not go off but the touch screen started doing anything. I removed the battery and I dry it all 24h. The screen turns on and the FP2 starts but can not enter the PIN code (the screen stops responding). Is it worth it to switch screens or is the problem likely to come from something else? My wife also having a FP2 can I do a test with her screen or can I damage her screen? Thank you in advance if someone can help me.

En français : Mon FP2 est tombé à l’eau. Il ne s’est pas éteint mais l’écran tactile a commencé à faire n’importe quoi. J’ai enlevé la batterie est j’ai fais sécher le tout 24h. L’écran s’allume et le FP2 démarre mais impossible de rentrer le code PIN (l’écran ne répond plus). Cela vaut-il le coup de changer d’écran ou le problème risque-t-il de venir d’autre chose ? Ma femme ayant aussi un FP2 puis-je faire un test avec son écran ou est-ce que je risque d’abimer son écran ? Merci d’avance si quelqu’un peut m’aider.

First #disassemble the phone completely and let it dry for much longer. Then try again.
If the screen still doesn’t work see if there are #fairphoneangels near you who could help you test which part(s) are damaged.
Also see the #waterwiki for more tips.

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Thank you for this quick response. Can I also try the screen of my wife to see if the problem comes only from the screen or is it risky for her screen?

Sure - that’s even better. Also do the reverse test with your screen on her device.

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Thank you. I took everything apart and I dry again. I will try the test of my screen on his FP2 and his on mine after.

Good news ! My wife’s screen work on my FP2 ! So I have to buy a new one but not a complete FP2 ! Thank you for you help.


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