My FP2 died yesterday and now it won't turn on; it only shows a red light LED

I tried to charge my phone yesterday from an empty battery; at first the LED flashed, then it just went red. I have had a few issues in the past with a slow charging battery but it went away when a new charger was used. Any ideas of what to do would be much appreciated!

Just have some patience and let it charge without powering it on. When the battery is empty, the red LED will flash at the beginning indicating the battery was all empty. Just give it a full charge without fully switching on the FP2.


Thanks for your response! I left it charging all night, and it was still on the red LED, but I’ll take your advice and leave it a bit longer. At points the light turns off altogether, as well, but if you don’t think that’s concerning then I’ll just keep trying to charge it and hope for the best!

Well, after such a long time I am not sure anymore if it will still charge properly. Have a look at this topic:

Generally, these batteries degrade over time. How old is your battery? And if you don’t know yet, letting the battery run all empty repeatedly will damage it. Depending on how your battery fared in these respects so far, it might just be worn out.

If you know someone with a FP2, you might want to check if their battery works in your FP2. Or if there is a Fairphone Angel nearby, s/he might allow you to check that:


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