My FP2: 6 years and counting

My Fairphone 2 is six years today. Despite some reboots it is still function.


My FP2 – almost exactly 6 years and 6 days young :wink: – performed a lot of reboots with Fairphone OS in its last months (the »FP2 Battery plastic shim« was not really helpful to fix this ugly problem).

In May 2020 I switched to /e/OS and, wow!, only max. 1-3 reboots per day!
… and so I could use it unexpectedly longer: until today inclusive! :slight_smile:


Well, I have changed matherboard but kept all the other components from the first batch of FP2. How should I count the years? :wink:


I guess if you get a heart transplant, your total age doesn’t get reset either, does it? :wink:


I think that’s the power chip, but what about a brain transplant that has to be reprogrammed ?

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What counts is the whole time you have been owning a FP2, if it got a repair then you still kept your FP2 :wink:


Just for fun (?) here’s a copy & paste of my own notes about the life(cycle) of my FP2 - and all the costs:

2016-01-12 | Fairphone 2 / FP2: 520,63 Euro

  • 12.01.2016, 531,64 Euro: FP2 schwarz-matt (520,63 €), geliefert 7.4.2016
  • 03.04.2017, 378,05 Euro: FP2 Core Modul (316,62 €) inkl. Versand- und Reparaturkosten nach Wasserschaden
  • 08.04.2016, 14 Euro: SD-Card (32 GB) als Ersatz für defekte Sony (16 GB)
  • 16.10.2017, 77,14 Euro: Camera Bundle inkl. Top Module mit Selfiekamera (“Camera Module 42.0” & “Top Module + Selfie”)
  • 29.11.2017, Garantie: Slim Case (Farbe: Indigo)
  • 12.06.2018, 22 Euro: neuer Akku
  • 29.07.2019, Garantie: Plastikstreifen (“FP2 Battery plastic shim”), damit Akku hält

Summe: 1022 Euro


congrats!! I’m hoping my FP3 makes it that long ! :grinning:


Received my pre-ordered Fairphone2 mid January 2016, which makes it now 6 years old.
It’s still my daily driver and my main private phone.
I had indeed a couple of repairs in this time:

  • A new screen as the first one was hit by the clouding issue
  • Several new cases as I managed to brake them regularly
  • one year ago a new battery

The only thing that annoys me since the beginning and I was never able to get rid of it where the reboots I’m facing from time to time, but they’re not getting worse, so who cares?
Never imagined, that I will run 6 years after the release an up to date Android on it - even with a good stability. My last Phone a Motorola Defy+ survived also 5 years but in the end it went more and more unstable.

After braking my loudspeaker recently I already thought, that this is the end of my FP2 one of the Fairphone angels saved my FP2 the life!
Never imagined, how annoying a phone without loudspeaker is. :slight_smile:
The FP4 is on my list for the next phone but as long as the FP2 keeps alive it has to wait.
Up to the 7 years badge :grin:


Got my Fairphone 2 in January 2016. It is still my main device after 6 years :muscle: applying for the badge of course!

It is starting to freeze and seriously lag sometime, but hey, it still manages a full day with many different apps, so I’m proud of it!


Six years too :slight_smile:
Sadly phone seems to be getting less reliable (frequent crashes) so I’m thinking of looking for a second hand FP3+.


One year has passed and I’m again some days late… But my phone still runs fine after about 3 years with FPOS and 3 years more with /e/OS. :slight_smile:


I’m late too, my FP2 was shipped on January 4th 2016.
It’s not my daily driver anymore, but still working fine, without any replacement parts, just some accessories. A spare battery is waiting to be used anyway.


My girlfriend was also in the first bunch 2015/2016 and runs the FP2 since than as daily driver.

We switched early as possible to LineageOS and are now on 18.1 , Android 11 :slight_smile: Without the briliant support of @chrmhoffmann I doubt that this FP2 would run as it is. :pray:

1 broken SIM slot
2 broken backcover (translucent, who remembers this one :slight_smile: )
And 1 changed battery just this month


FP2 with /e/OS. Still my only one daily driver. Since last update SD card no more recognized. Very rarely reboot. But it still works :grinning:

I kindly ask for a new badge.


I have got my FP2 in February 2016 and would like a new badge please. The FP2 is not my daily driver anymore but I use it still for listening to music and for trying things out.


My FP2 turned 6 years old, too, and would like the new badge :slight_smile:
It’s still working well without any major issues, running LineageOS 18.1 now.

Thanks a lot to @chrmhoffmann for maintaining LineageOS through all the years and everyone who contributed to it!


Yes, definitely!
(…and this to post at least 20 characters)

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I got my pre-ordered FP2 in January -16 and I still use it. Unfortunately it has lost almost all connection to mobile network, so for phonecalls it is almost useless (Yes I have tried solving it, even changed the antenna cable). On the other hand, there is no problem using Wifi, so Whatsapp calls work fine. And everything else you normally use your phone for nowadays.
Over the years I have changed some parts, including bottom module and display module.