My FP2: 6 years and counting

Sorry, yes you’re right, I orderd in July!


I just had the sad realisation that I will probably be checking out before reaching the 6 year mark in April or May. I just received my FP4, and am very impressed with the improvement. It’s a lot faster, the quadrupling of RAM means there’s no more “flushing out one tab in my browser when I use the second”, and I haven’t had a reboot in a day now!
… however, my FP2 is still in use for the foreseeable future because my UK carrier (Three) doesn’t support eSIM yet :angry: Gave them quite the bollocking yesterday, they’d better hurry up and join the 21st century. And in the meanwhile they should really really remove their “eSIM is hear” webpage, it’s very misleading to claim they support it when they don’t. Until they get with the times I’m forced to keep the FP2 fired up so I can use my second sim too. So it’s almost retiring, but not quite yet.


Well I’ll contact 3 and ask them if they hold off until June so you can get a clear 6 year F2 badge. :slight_smile:


Please don’t! :joy: I guess I’m lucky that Apple is repotedly removing the SIM slot from the iPhone 14 in September, so Three will have to either support eSIM or stop supporting iPhones. But they’d better just launch it tomorrow; they’ve been trialling it since 2020. Surely they can just enable this feature.


I am here too! Still using happily a FP2. I don’t remember when I got it, though…


Maybe two years ago? :wink: [SOLD] Verkaufe Fairphone 2 (weiß/blau/transparentes Cover) DE - (English description below) - #5 by BrFabian


:grinning: Man, you are right! Thanks!


Still using my FP2 since januari 2016.
At start I had several problems, but after a New motherboard, no severe problems.
After 2 years had to change the screen because some dead contacts in a corner of the screen.
Had to change the battery 1 1/2 years ago.
After getting slow again, did a factory setup last week, but still slow. Today installed latest update.

Hope to use it still.
Greetings Obelips


After an update one can experience the battery needs quicker to be charged for a few days.
If then the phone is still slow I would advise you to reset the software of the battery by performing a #dic:kickstart .


Hi. I received my pre-ordered FP2 in january 2016. I almost doubled the purchase price because of the spare parts: screens, bottom modules, cases, batteries. It works almost fine with Lineage OS.
Since one month the screen does not display anything, in a random way. With scrcpy I see that everything works normally. Sometimes the display comes back by itself. Pressing it does not help.
Finally I bought a FP4 which so far gives me satisfaction. I rooted it with Magisk. But I still ask for my 6 years badge with the FP2 !


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Got my FP2 in Jan 2016 - and here we are in the future! Still using mine on a daily basis, and only just starting to get thoughts about upgrading to an FP4. We’ll see.

For now (on stock latest FP Android), some things “stick” a bit sometimes. I get a reboot if I knock the phone hard, which is probably just a connection thing. The camera can be slow to fire up and take a photo sometimes, but I think that’s always been the case. I’ve got a newish battery and am not running games, etc, so battery life is still around 2 days.

Will see if I can get adb/top running though, that sounds very useful. Thanks for the tip @Volker


Yes, sounds so. You can stick something (like a small cardboard) in at the bottom of the battery. This should increase pressure on the battery contacts. FP support hat even given out small matching stickers for that, some time ago…


Received my pre-ordered FP2 mid Januaray 2016, delivery note is dated 2016-01-11. Still using it as daily driver.
Asking for 6-year badge. :partying_face:


My Fairphone 2 is six years today. Despite some reboots it is still function.


My FP2 – almost exactly 6 years and 6 days young :wink: – performed a lot of reboots with Fairphone OS in its last months (the »FP2 Battery plastic shim« was not really helpful to fix this ugly problem).

In May 2020 I switched to /e/OS and, wow!, only max. 1-3 reboots per day!
… and so I could use it unexpectedly longer: until today inclusive! :slight_smile:


Well, I have changed matherboard but kept all the other components from the first batch of FP2. How should I count the years? :wink:


I guess if you get a heart transplant, your total age doesn’t get reset either, does it? :wink:


I think that’s the power chip, but what about a brain transplant that has to be reprogrammed ?