My FP1: Seven years and counting!

Not just one, but 5 of them: 3-years through to 7-years of Fairphone 1; since you never got the relevant one before. :wink:
@Ruth_FP1 got her 6- and 7-years badge as well of course.

Well deserved for keeping your FP1 alive that long!!!
Keep it running!


Thank you!
The only problem is that I have to use it without a sim card as the sim is in the FP3 that uses a different sim format. But apps, wifi / emails etc. all fine. Oh yes, and the FM radio of course!

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Just checked, got mine Jan 15, 2014. Seven Years!


Hello everybody, my Fairphone First edition is also still working and the only phone I use. As long as my favourite apps are still working (amongst them Threema, Opera browser and E-Mail) I plan to reach the badge for 10 years :slight_smile: Knock on wood!


That kind of energy well deserves the new badge.
And I am sure, there will always be someone creating a badge for “Ten Years Fairphone 1” , even it it will be just for you !!!
Maybe we can make that a platinum one, as gold won’t be good enough.

Keep your spirits high and flying and your phone safe and out of troubles. :wink:


… but only if there is Fairtrade Platinum by then, of course! :wink:


So by now I also have my FP1 in use for 7 years and still use it as my only private phone so pleeease can I have a 7 year badge? I do have a new FP3+ lying next to me and today I finally managed to install /e/ on it so will soon be using that as my primary phone though but still need to get it completely set up


Deserved and granted!
Keep that gem running.


Yes, my Fairphone 1 is having it’s birthday. 7 years and still going strong. :birthday:


I have to admit I don’t use it regularly, but my FP1 turned 7 now, too, and still works. The battery even keeps its charge when the phone lies in a drawer for months while switched off.


So, it is now me who can add a successful post here. I am proud to have my FP1U now for more than 7 years, started in August 2014. It is still my main phone with 2 SIM cards inside and still properly working. I receive mails and messages. So, almost perfect for my daily life.
But I have to admit, it really starts getting more and more difficult to use it. Charging is tricky due to the USB port, Apps stop working or cannot be upgraded, Webpages are often out of certificate. My camera still works, but the pictures are really bad meanwhile (they got milky over the time, maybe just a matter of cleaning) - good enough for a reminder or things like that. My FP1U still works with the original battery!!! So, what concerns hardware, it is not too bad for such a device!
How to come out concerning Android and Apps? Just bought an FP3 some time ago for banking apps and nice pictures online through WLAN. And as my main and only messenger now refuses to continue support for my old one, I will soon switch to the FP3 as my main phone.
It will participate in the next recycling programme. It will be a hard day then for me. :frowning:
Thanks to Fairphone, thanks to the support here in the community! I am really proud to be part of this great trip for innovation and sustainability.
And by the way, my wife’s phone is also down soon. Most probably, she will get a new phone, a Fairphone of course! :slight_smile:


Just in case you don’t know yet: There are actually a couple of popular apps still running on Android 4.4, but not on Android 4.2.2 which the FP1U ran on until support ended. Signal is one such app. If you are interested, there is an unofficial Android 4.4.4 developed by a longtime Fairphone activist who became an official Fairphone employee this year:


did not know yet! This would really change the actual situation. I will have a look! Many thanks!


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I’ve got a 6 year old LG that I’ve used as my daily (and only) phone. Works perfectly fine minus a small pixel error in the camera that started this past year. The only thing I had to replace was my battery (for the first and only time so far) a few months back. That was pretty easy.

But I’ve been getting ready for the inevitable day the phone stops working, hence looking into fairphone for the day that happens.

I’m wondering…for those of you who have had the faiprhone for 7 years, are you still able to easily find all of the hardware replacement parts that you need in order to keep it going? What about software…is it still running smoothly in terms of speed and the apps you need?


Welcome to the forum.

Wow! I’m sure some have had so few problems, like you, that sourcing is not an issue. We are talking about the FP1 and I doubt many have survived.

RE: The FP2 there are no more bottom modules for official sale and quite a bit of work on repairing them.

Finding parts easily, depends upon the level of stress you can endure searching and hunting. :slight_smile:

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