My FP1: four years and counting!

I want to see that! :smiley: You are surely talking about FP2, right? :smirk:

@anon83519835 Once you find the time, I would ask you to please create a “5 years of Fairphone 1” title for users to “wear” in their profile. The first FP1s arrived at their buyers from the end of christmas 2013, so an increasing number of us will qualify for it over the course of this year. :slight_smile:



Ahh you’re right, I was too hard trying to find an excuse to buy a FP2 before my FP1 was at its end of life…

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this is fixed :D…

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Please make it also available as a title (that you can choose at

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it is available as title. I turned it on

OK, I take it from Paula’s comment here that the title can only be set once the badge is granted (I’m not due for another six months :angel: ). Will proudly set it once the day arrives (23 July :slight_smile: ).


Yes - still using FP1 Forgotten when I brought it - but years ago now!


Yes - I think that was when I brought mine as well - so 5 years this August?!


I’ll take a badge please, got mine in January, ordered as part of the very first crowdfunding :wink:

Do you use Pixo universal charger? I have it but I’m not sure about voltage…

I just came across this , when I read that Fairphone 2 is sold out. I am still using my fairphone one first edition, which I bought right after release and it still works quite ok


Still using my FP1 which is still fine for most basic apps, dual sims, photos, music, sms, voip, calendar, map, twitter, fb, playstore, av, clock, some browsing, news, etc. though some newer apps do not work. Only a replacement battery changed so that it needs to be charged about every 6 days. Cheers


Well, for my one, I guess I need to replace it. Not because it’s no longer working, it works fine just the first (!) battery is not always trustworthy. But I want to use a calendar app for cooperation. I couldn’t find any calendar app which doesn’t depend on Gapps (I am Gapps free!) and works with Android 4.2…

The preinstalled calendar app (AOSP calendar) works just fine for me. Which features does it lack?

Hallo Stefan,

well, how can you make the aosp Calendar a shared one, so that it shows calendars of my coworkers? (with editing possible?) I would need to share it with a google calendar? But how can I share with a google calendar when I don’t have gapps installed and no account linked to my phone?

Vielen Dank für etwagige Tipps!

I use DAVx⁵ to synchronize my calendars. Most services support the open CalDAV format. Google calendar should have a CalDAV endpoint too, but there is some discussion on the topic here:

As always, Google doesn’t like you stepping out of the beaten path.


@Stefan ok, but if I want to use that, I need to upgrade to Android 4.4 - neiter Etar nor Davx5 doesn’t work with Android 4.2… :roll_eyes:

On my FP1 I have installed FP1-4.4.4-z3ntu-0.0.2 and Davx5 version2.5.4.1-ose (299) van 27-08-19.