My FP 2 does not connect to corporate MDM

Hi all,

I work as product manager at a company with a BYOD policy. We have to enroll our smartphones to a Mobile Device Manager (MDM) / Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform in order to secure it and have it managed. In our case it is AirWatch. Whenever I try to connect / enroll it, I get the message that the FP2 is not a trusted device (in dutch: ‘verdachte toestellen zijn verboden’).

I am not sure that it may be a very stringent policy issue of my employer, that can not be enforced on a FP2, or that it has something to do with something else on the FP2. I would need MDM/Airwatch to get my corporate data on my phone.

Any ideas how to fix this?


Looks like it’s an airwatch issue, not a FP2 one…

I agree with Arvil that it’s a Airwatch (configuration) issue. My phone has been successfully registered to Airwatch MDM without any problems.
Suppose your device has not yet been rooted (as Airwatch denies imho rooted devices)?

Thanks. I used a pre-prod model. I swapped it for a production model. Now MDM/EMM works fine!


I started a small reseach on MDM and the bigger ones are as far as I know: G Suite from Google, AirWatch, Mobilelron, Samsung Knox, …

How are you experiences with AirWatch in general? How does it work with FP2 together? Would you recomnend this combination?

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For me AirWatch and FP2 work together perfectly without any issues. I’m on FP2 1.8.1 and AirWatch 6.3.

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I am using Airwatch with Airwatch inbox for some time now and that perfectly works fine. I did a short test with MobileIron as well and seemed to work too. So no issues using EMM/MDM. By the way: I am using Lookout as extra security endpoint app and having no issues there either…

Cheers. Erik

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