My fairphone2 does not start, though it did for a month

Hi there, I am new in this community and start with a problem: There ist only the screen in black and white with the fairphone-letters and a regular vibe. the on/off-button does not react. Removing the battery does not change anything. Did anyone have this before and what can I try? Thank you fpr answering. Martha

meantime I found in the forum the fastboot (vol down + power) and recovery (vol up + power) - both did not help. Fairphone shows the logo and vibes + does not reakt on power-button.
If anyone has an Idea ???

I believe you’re either stuck in fastboot mode - you should be able to get out by removing battery and then going to recovery - or your battery is deep-discharged - what does the LED do if you plug the phone in?

If your phone is deep-discharged try the battery reset described in the #batteryguide.

I tried the recovery - no change happened.
The battery reset had no result. When I put the phone to the charger there ist no LED.
The battery was rather empty, when I charged yesterday. After that charging, the problem appeared.
What can I do now?

Then your charger/cable is probably not working well. You need a good quality data (4 threaded) USB cable and either a good charger or a computer’s USB outlet.

You could also try dis- and reassembling the phone and clean the connectors.

my chargercable and charger is like my beloved phone brandnew. The cable works with Computer-USB. The charger has a auto self-recovery electronics fuses, an over current protection, works with input 100-2400V(?) and output 5V/2.4A as described. Last time I charged until the green LED appeared. So I assume, the battery ist loaded. After that it happened what I described. Any Idea or shall I contact Support-Team?

I’m having the same problem.

I used the FP2 for 2 weeks before it crashed during use of a newly installed game. Seemed like it had trouble when I tried quitting the full screen game. The screen flickered and the phone went dead.

It’s been dead for 3 weeks now. When powered it shows the Fairphone start-up screen as MaMo describes.
I have tried different chargers and my spare battery. The batteries charges, but when powered it’s stuck in the start-up screen.
When holding volume up and power button, it just vibrates over and over again.

I have the 1.5.1 standard OS installed.

Yesterday I went to a Handyshop by telekom. They said the phone is broken and cannot be reanimated. Now I contacted the dealer “memo” from where I ordered my fairphone. They agreed with retoure and will send me a new one. I am very happy about that. Now how to act, that this does not happen again? It seems to be essential to get a 4 threaded USB cable. How can I test it, because teleKom, from where I got it has no message about that in Internet or other describtion I found.

Good for you MaMo.
I bought it directly from the FP webshop. I have contacted support.
Will see how they handle it.

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