My FairPhone acts on its own

Hello from France,

Sometimes, my FairPhone works alone.
I don’t touch it but I see like an invisible finger who click some apps like SFR, Pull-down Menu and then activate or desactivate Wifi, activate plane mode or go to Contacts and then call a person!
(And in these moments I don’t touch it !!)

Of course, when I see that, I restart the phone, but it can do again later…

So, question: is this possible that my FairPhone is hacked?
Am I alone in this case?
What can I do?

Thanks in advance,


There are other cases like this (I have to search the links), but mostly they are connected while charging the FP with a “badly” charger or cable.
Does it happen also to you while charging?
Cheers, Robert

Thanks for your answer.
Sometimes, yes FP is charging but sometimes no…

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fortunately, i have not yet observed such ‘autonomous’ behavior of my FP (thus i can’t be of any help, Pim, sorry). sounds a bit scary actually…

I think you’re probably reporting the same problem as in these topics here and here


Mine has done that 3 times (in 4 months time), I just restart it. It is a bit weird though. I don’t really think it is being hacked, at least I hope not.

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For me, when this has happened, turning off the screen and wiping it with a piece of clothing usually helped (:

Mine doesn’t do that, but it does occasionally do a soft re-boot on it’s own. The first I know of it is I hear the click of the screen unlocking, and then the red cross over each of the signal bars whilst it searches for the signal. Then the screen locks again and it’s back to normal.

Hello, I’m from Barcelona and I have experienced the same problem three times in two weeks, even after having reinstalled android OS twice. Most times it has happened while FP was charging, but I’m not sure if it was all times. One happened after having let the mobile charging a while after battery was full. First time even restarting or getting out the battery didn’t work.

Before the last time, and after last android OS reinstall, sometimes screen does not work when i touch it, and I need to turn mobile to touch again.

I can charge the mobile directly by the laptop if necessary. Or to be care about the surfaces.
Must I have to reinstall Android OS again each time?
May I have to do any other thing?
Do I have to wait for any update?
Do I have to report in a special way?

Any news on this? Does it still occur to you?


Sometimes, yes, always…

OK, do the touchscreen test to check, if it is a hardware issue or a software issue.

You will see red squares. If they turn green by themselves, make a video of the process and send it to FP asking for a warranty ticket. Report back if you know more, please.

Hi Stefan. Thank you for your interest.

Up to now, since I received back my phone, the problem I reported has not
appeared again, but I have experienced another problem that I do not know
how to solve:

The icon to find the applications has dissapeared twice from my main
screen. As I do not know how to solve it, I have reinstalled android system
once, and this has seemed to work temporarily, but yesterday it happened

I do not know why this happens, nor how to solve. (Sometimes, the “edit
icon” looks like if it activate itself, maybe by any accidental touch.
Could be this?).

Do you have any idea?

(These days has started the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where I
live. Are you there?)

No, I am not at the MWC, but there was a community meetup in Barcelona with some FP staff.