My Fairphone 5 is hot

Dear all,

I’ve received my FP5 3-4 days ago. I have already noticed sometimes it gets really hot.

I have this problem when it’s connected to my car through Android Auto. Yesterday the phone temperature while I was using it as a navigator reached 43 °C (as reported by “My Fairphone” app) while the temperature inside my car was around 25°C (FP5 was not in the sun nor in a hot place).

Another situation where it gets very hot is when I watch videos.

Sometimes, it gets hot even when it’s idle on the table, nobody is using it and the screen is dark. In this moment for instance my phone is on the table, I haven’t been using it during the last 5-10 minutes but it’s hot, My Fairphone app reports a temperature of 32 °C.

My previous FP3+ got hot only when I was heavily using it (for instance watching YouTube videos while it was connected to my Bluetooth speaker).

The only doubt I have about this experience is that I’m not using a case for this phone while I had it for my previous FP3+. This could have used me to a different temperature then the one of the phone as a plastic case can act as a thermal insulator.

However, it seems to me my phone temperature is unusually hot and this worries me because temperature is one of the first cause of electronic aging and failure rate increase.

Another information, battery was at 100% at 6:00 when I got up this morning and now (14:30) it’s at 33%. I’m using AoD but didn’t use the phone so much. I don’t know if this battery drain could be another effect of the same cause that increase temperature.

Do you have the same experience with your FP5?


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Not at all. No AoD on my side and phone at convenient temperatures until now. I didn’t get it up to the temps where my FP2 used to be quite often in the end.
And of course the phone getting hot leads to the battery being drained. Heat is energy that must come from somewhere. I’d check if there are any apps going crazy, check sd card (if used), check the sim card and (because this used to be an issue with FP4): Does your phone use the 5G network? If yes, switch to 4G for testing.

The app overview with regards to energy consumption under ‘Settings > Battery > Battery usage’ may be a good starting point.


My FP3 also gets warm when I use Android auto in the car but it also gets warm when I charge it. Since I use a cable in the car to use Android auto, I feel like the heat comes from charging the battery.

For Battery drain due to AoD see here…

Mine was heating up yesterday while navigating however was lying directly in the sun, so not a big surprise. I would start testing without AoD.

I’m not using 5G, just 4G+.

Below is the battery usage. Does anybody see anything interesting?

Is it normal the display drain so much energy?


Its the always on display try without and check the other topic…

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I don’t think the screen is the problem, I think Adaptive Battery still needs to kick in. I had similar stats until today. Now I see more than a day battery life in that dashboard. I also used my screen for almost 3 hours and it drained only 7% according to those stats. I use the 90Hz option and always on display. Of course brightness also matters. If you’re in the sun, the screen might be 100% all the time. The always on display is also off when it’s in your pocket. So if you leave your phone on your desk all the time it may drain about 1% per hour. Also, in bedtime mode you can enable a schedule where the AoD is off as well.

Can you expand a little bit this part? It sounds interesting.




I can’t find any “adaptive battery” options in Settings.

Is It renamed Battery Manager?

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And still until it learned its def the AoD draining a lot Battery even over night in flight mode with screen face down… So it might change, for this graph its still most likely the reason. For sure not for the heat issue, just for the fast drain…

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I’m also still convinced of AoD generating battery drain.
Currently with AoD off the battery really may persist a long time without recharging:

Before I had AoD on and the battery lasted less than a day.

You might try to use adb shell top to identify a process running wild…

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I’m also a lucky member of the Fairphone family since a few days and I’ve noticed similar issues. Phone gets hot, the battery performance is all but to write home about (and I think it’s entirely related to the fact that the chipset has never been designed for usage in a mobile phone, IOT devices are either plugged into a regular power socket or have much bigger batteries or a combination of both. This could be solved through a software update to optimise the battery consumption) . Also I noticed light bleed at the top of the screen when using a black background which should not be possible with a full-blown Oled screen unless it’s the cheep kind that still uses backlighting because to know issues in terms of brightness with such Oled screens). Another thing that disappoints me a bit is the lack of many features that are available as stock android (even without the Pixel exclusive features) making this launcher very bland and boring.

I can’t remember my FP5 ever getting really hot yet. Every computing unit gets hot if it is kept busy for a longer period of time and this is where I would focus on: Is there any application that goes crazy on your phone?

For the display light bleed there’s another thread and for the launcher you are totally free to choose whatever launcher you want.

Hello, I am really concerned about not overheating my FP5 so I check the phone temperature on a regular basis, never use fast charging, etc. so far only once it reached 38 degrees after gaming.
Have you monitored the phone temperature and apps used? What is hot for you?

It gets hot when browsing for longer periods or when downloading large files. Not limited to specific apps, at least not that I noticed until now. Of course I’m only speaking about hot, not alarmingly hot so for now it’s a non issue but to keep an eye on. More important is the disappointing battery performance that should be better, even if it’s only a 4200 mAh one. Getting through the day with moderate usage is not possible. Surprisingly my iPhone 13 mini does a better job with a much smaller battery. Of course I could solve it by buying a second battery (god I love the fact that this phone uses the good old principe of removable back and battery) but in that case I miss a cradle where I could recharge the second unit separately from the phone because using only the phone to charge both is far from practical.