My Fairphone 2 functions inadequately

I bought this direct from Fairphone in 2019 but have not activated by sim card for mobile phone because battery power drains too quickly for reliable carrying capacity.
I was advised to buy a replacement battery which has made no difference. I have emailed & tried phoning but the support line is constantly engaged in the [non!] available hours.
I am disappointed and frustrated by this stasis which prevents me activating WhatsApp with reliability. Is my experience with Fairphone 2 characteristic of the models deficiency? Should I replace or update?

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It is definitely not the way things are supposed to be. I use an FP2 which has K9-email, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and Syncthing running 24/7 and I make it to the end of the day with well over half my battery remaining. Here’s a couple of questions to help us troubleshoot:

  1. The bad battery life issue has occurred in some phones after a system update; did your FP2 behave this way from the moment you first turned it on?
  2. If you go to Settings > Battery, which apps appear as using most battery power?
  3. And if you go to Settings > Memory > Memory used by apps, which apps use the most memory and how much?

If there are some particularly troublesome apps, it may be advisable to reinstall them, or even replace them with something less memory-intensive.

For reference, over the last day, my top memory user has been Android OS with 611MB, after that Signal with 302MB, after that System UI with 125MB.


Thank you for this. My Fairphone arrived without any accompanying instructions but I’ll work on your suggestions tomorrow, with appreciations.

Meanwhile…all good wishes.


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Dear Fairphone Angel,

Google Play Services 128 MB always running. I can’t disable as it isn’t an option?

Android OS 361 MB ?

Grateful for any further advice.

Paul A Newman

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